Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Silly Wintersday Story (Guild Wars Screenshots)

Merry Christmas everyone :D
Guild Wars made a very special Christmas event, and i happen to have some screenshots, enjoy !
Bear with me as i tell this silly story :D

Our journey starts in Ascalon, near the fountain. There's 2 new NPCs there: Jakob & Katie, Jakob will tell a story about Wintersday in the world of Tyria, about the battle ensuing between Dwayna and Grenth. Look around and you'll notice that Ascalon is covered in snow and there's also a big christmas tree.

After Ascalon, we go to Droknar's Forge, why not Lion's Arch ? save the best for the last :D that's what i say. here we can see that the dwarves are also celebrating christmas. But look closely, there's a melted snowman. I wonder who did that :)

Next, we go to Lion's Arch. Now the main event will start :D. It would appear that Grenth and Dwayna's battle are more "serious" than I first thought. Lion's Arch is filled with new stuffs, namely new quests and crafter. One quest is for Dwayna, to help the villager's have their presents, in this quests you will meet a new friend: Freezy the Snowman ^^. Of course he's not alone, he got plenty of friends. And what do we get for helping Freezy ? looky here :P and here.

But is that all ? of course not, Grenth also have a quest for all. Grenth hates presents and he wants to destroy it all. Although the snowmen tried to stop Grenth's minions, they have failed at last. Helped by the foul Grentchies, Grenth destroyed all presents. But hope is not lost, for Dwayna calls upon her champions and the two god's champions clash in a horrible battle: Snowball Fight !!!

We're not done yet, there's plenty more :D
More weapons and items, for one and for all. and gingerbread cookies for the Tomb of Primeval Kings. PvP will never be the same. Wave your candies and take a good look.
Cuz this only happens once in a year :D
Merry Christmas everyone ^^
(sorry if the story's quite lame :P)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More random stuffs

Well, in the last few months i've found some interesting stuffs in the net and also went to some cosplay event, not that good but quite nice(especially the ladies there :D)

For those of you who likes to read comics, i found these interesting webcomics to read, have fun:
Cheer! a webcomic about a group of cheerleaders. This story is a spinoff from another webcomic (The Wotch) quite interesting also, but i like Cheer!'s art better.
Another interesting webcomic is Dungeon Crawl Inc. , like Order of the Stick this webcomic tells a story about a crazy bunch of adventurers which is set in a D&D world. There's also Aoi House and Lowroad75 , both are also cool webcomics.

Now for the gaming news:
1. found an interesting free MMORPG called KAL Online , quite fun and my crappy internet connection coul handle it... so that's always a plus :D
2. for those of you who haven't tried The Movies, u should go to the nearest game store and buy this game, it's very cool. The guys at my campus creates all sort of hilarious movies with this game and it's very fun !!!

Well, i suppose that's it for now :D

P.S: For those of you who want to find me, try:
Katrina Bloodsteel in Guild Wars
Xylestia in KAL Online
Julius Rosenberg or Xandreas Ardentum in FCRO