Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The "I can't believe I forgot to say Merry Christmas to you all" giveaway

So, apparently I forgot to say Merry Christmas to all of you readers. I might not have regular readers but hey I do this because I like it and I might as well reward those who came here to read this...with a giveaway!
It's not really an expensive game but hey, free game!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Warframe Beta Impression

Warframe has been in development for quite some time. I found their site and registered for beta access since a few months ago. Now, they've started the closed beta testing phase and I can show you how great this game is.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Kickstarter Watch #5: War for the Overworld

A bit late on this one but there are still a few days to go so it's all good I suppose. For those of you who played games since a long time ago you should know of a great game called Dungeon Keeper. It's been a long time since any developer made a proper spiritual successor to the game. There are some who've tried but failed to bring the same experience of the original game. Now, Subterranean Games try their hands on a proper spiritual successor and I really think they'll succeed.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My 3 Most Disappointing Games of 2012

Well, after listing the 5 games that I enjoyed this year, let's get in to my 3 most disappointing games of 2012 list. Being in this list doesn't necessarily mean that the game is a bad game but it just doesn't deliver what I expected from these titles. These are games that I really look forward to play but ultimately fails to deliver.

Humble Indie Bundle 7 Is Live

The new Humble Bundle is up. After the Humble THQ Bundle it might not seem as attractive but if you like Indie Games, the titles in Humble Indie Bundle 7 are some of the most interesting. Dungeon Defenders, Legend of Grimrock, The Binding of Isaac and Shank 2 and more for only under $6? that's practically a steal. So? what're you waiting for? buy it! remember to buy above the average price because as usual, there will be more games after a week. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me :)

Check it out here:

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Top 5 Games I Enjoyed in 2012

Well, since we're nearing the end of 2012 I might as well make a list of games that I really enjoyed playing this year. It's not the Best of 2012 which would suit all people as this list will only consist of games that I've played. The games that is on the list are those that I really love because it is either really addictive or offers enough innovation to make it unique. Do note that not all of these games will have been released on 2012. There are some titles from last year but as I said, this list is what I've played this year, even if the game is a bit old.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Hawken Open Beta Impression

So, for you mech enthusiasts you should already heard about Mechwarrior Online and Hawken. I've talked about MWO before and the fact that I like how tactical it is and the simulation gameplay really feels great. Now Hawken is actually a really different game entirely. It is not a simulation game but more of a fast paced FPS with a mech setting. But don't make that fact dissuade you from trying this game, because it is great.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Beta Impression

I first found out about Akaneiro a few months ago because of Steam Greenlight and I registered to their beta test immediately. Why? because it looks like a proper Action RPG with a very interesting setting and a good looking art style. I love Action RPGs like Diablo, Torchlight and other similar titles, even though they represent something that I hate when put into an MMO, which is grinding. However when put into an Action RPG title, I don't really mind a bit of grinding. The fact that it is a browser game also intrigues me as I want to see if they can really make a great game with that limitation.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Secret World Goes B2P

I haven't really followed any news about The Secret World for quite awhile. The game'ss concept and setting is very interesting, but my PC can't really handle the game and after I played it a bit on the beta test I don't really like the gameplay either. However I'm not a person who will refuse a perfectly good deal and when TSW changed its model from Pay to Play to Buy to Play, I'm actually really intrigued. My PC still can't handle the game smoothly but I suppose I can lower all the detail and look up some performance improvement tips in the forums.

For those of you who wanted to try out the game but didn't want to waste $15 a month for it now is the right time to try it out. You only need to pay up $30 and never have to pay any monthly fee after that. I think that's a pretty great deal.

Check it out on

Ragnarok Online 2 Review

Now that I've gotten my hands on Ragnarok Online 2, it's time for a review. In a glance, Ragnarok Online 2 seems to be a competent MMO especially for a F2P title. They have of course redesigned the gameplay so that it no longer plays like the old Ragnarok Online and that is definitely great. No more slaughtering thousands of mobs to level up and the combat system is also quite improved. It shouldn't be boring right? we'll see.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Ragnarok Online 2

Ragnarok Online is a pretty popular MMORPG especially in Asian market. I still remembered the old days where most gamers in my country plays the first RO. Good times, good times :)
However, MMO has evolved since then and I can't stand the first RO's gameplay anymore. Now, Playpark has launched Ragnarok Online 2 for the international(well, actually SEA) market. Is it any good? or would it fall to the same "asian grindfest MMO" like so many others? I'll get back to you after I finished downloading the game. :P

Apparently the game is either very popular that Playpark's server can't handle the load or they just have a bad server because even authenticating my account takes quite a while and sometimes you can't even load their site. We'll see how this goes.

If you want to check it out yourself, go to

X-Mas Giveaway

Okay, I have some spare games on my Steam inventory and decided that I would give it away. Well, let's just say for Christmas. :)
I don't have expensive games lying in my inventory but there are some indie games, so if any of you want to try these games. Do join in on the giveaway.
I'll probably do more giveaway in the future, so you might want to bookmark this blog. Heck, I might write something interesting here one of these days :P

Giveaway 1

Giveaway 2

Additional Deals and Giveaways

So, continuing a bit from my last article. On this article I will add some more site where you can find interesting deals and bundles. Enjoy!

1. Bundle in a Box
A new bundle which contains some interesting indie games. Some of them are for Desura but it might contain some more interesting games on future bundles. Check it out sometimes :)

2. IndieGameStand
New deal every four days and although not all of them would be interesting(and not all of them are for Steam) there might sometimes be interesting deals here. Check it out every few days.

A guy made this site  to share games with people. Do visit his site and don't forget to donate! it's for charity :)
This is 100% legit, I even won Natural Selection II from his giveaway.