Saturday, October 18, 2008

WAR is here!

At last, I got my Warhammer Online DVD.
Well, I don't have time to write much about it, the game awaits :D
So, I'll just post a photo of the DVD and two screenshots of my characters

Here's the DVD:

And here are the screenshots of my characters:
Name: Krieger
Class: Warrior Priest
Server: Thorgrim
Guild: Fear the Boot

Name: Bloodsteel
Class: Disciple of Khaine
Server: Ironclaw
Guild: OrdeBaru

For those who wants to meet me in-game, just /tell me. Sometimes my brother plays the character for RvR but most of the time it's me playing the characters.
Now, I'm going back to WAR.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

WAR is Coming!!!(or not...)

First, I want to say whoa it's been more than two years since my last post here. Well, that's what you get for being a lazy-ass procrastinator. But hey, who reads this blog anyway?

Anyway, regarding the title...
That's right, WAR is my PC at least.

I've been following the development of WAR(Warhammer Online) since a year ago. I saw all of the production podcasts and all of those interesting interview featuring Paul barnett(man, I like that guy, he's one of the reasons why I bought Warhammer Online...beside the game itself :P).

About a week ago, I checked to buy Warhammer Online but sadly, they're out of stock. So I waited until October 10th and went to their store to buy the game. Result? still out of stock. And again, at October 12th I went there again and you know what? still nothing.
So, I decided to just pre-order the game from the store. They said that the game would be coming on October 15th. But sadly it was delayed until October 16th. Now, this is the best part... it's 19.34 right now and guess what? NO WARHAMMER. This is what I get for living in a country where "express" means "maybe tomorrow".

Now let's just hope it really does come tomorrow...or else there'll be more than just WAR coming...(not really, I'd probably too lazy to do anything about it...I'll just wait...patiently).

So...what'll I do after I got my game?
I've been interested in the Warrior Priest class for quite a long time now but I think my friend who will also play WAR would want to play on the Destruction side which would force me to choose either the Chaos Chosen(love the armor), Disciple of Khaine(the equivalent of the Warrior Priest on the Dark Elf side), or the Black Orc(big brutish orc? gotta love'em).
Anyway, If I'm to play Order, I'd be playing on Thorgrim server to join the Fear the Boot guild. The guild's founded by the guys at my current fave podcast Fear the Boot.
If I play Destruction though, it'll probably in the Ironclaw server where most of the Indonesian players are based.

Well, now the only thing I have to do is wait...
I'll post something tomorrow to report on my first try at WAR(or not...).

PS: I'm to lazy to post any picture...maybe I'll post a picture or two of my character in WAR(or not...).