Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Silly Wintersday Story (Guild Wars Screenshots)

Merry Christmas everyone :D
Guild Wars made a very special Christmas event, and i happen to have some screenshots, enjoy !
Bear with me as i tell this silly story :D

Our journey starts in Ascalon, near the fountain. There's 2 new NPCs there: Jakob & Katie, Jakob will tell a story about Wintersday in the world of Tyria, about the battle ensuing between Dwayna and Grenth. Look around and you'll notice that Ascalon is covered in snow and there's also a big christmas tree.

After Ascalon, we go to Droknar's Forge, why not Lion's Arch ? save the best for the last :D that's what i say. here we can see that the dwarves are also celebrating christmas. But look closely, there's a melted snowman. I wonder who did that :)

Next, we go to Lion's Arch. Now the main event will start :D. It would appear that Grenth and Dwayna's battle are more "serious" than I first thought. Lion's Arch is filled with new stuffs, namely new quests and crafter. One quest is for Dwayna, to help the villager's have their presents, in this quests you will meet a new friend: Freezy the Snowman ^^. Of course he's not alone, he got plenty of friends. And what do we get for helping Freezy ? looky here :P and here.

But is that all ? of course not, Grenth also have a quest for all. Grenth hates presents and he wants to destroy it all. Although the snowmen tried to stop Grenth's minions, they have failed at last. Helped by the foul Grentchies, Grenth destroyed all presents. But hope is not lost, for Dwayna calls upon her champions and the two god's champions clash in a horrible battle: Snowball Fight !!!

We're not done yet, there's plenty more :D
More weapons and items, for one and for all. and gingerbread cookies for the Tomb of Primeval Kings. PvP will never be the same. Wave your candies and take a good look.
Cuz this only happens once in a year :D
Merry Christmas everyone ^^
(sorry if the story's quite lame :P)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More random stuffs

Well, in the last few months i've found some interesting stuffs in the net and also went to some cosplay event, not that good but quite nice(especially the ladies there :D)

For those of you who likes to read comics, i found these interesting webcomics to read, have fun:
Cheer! a webcomic about a group of cheerleaders. This story is a spinoff from another webcomic (The Wotch) quite interesting also, but i like Cheer!'s art better.
Another interesting webcomic is Dungeon Crawl Inc. , like Order of the Stick this webcomic tells a story about a crazy bunch of adventurers which is set in a D&D world. There's also Aoi House and Lowroad75 , both are also cool webcomics.

Now for the gaming news:
1. found an interesting free MMORPG called KAL Online , quite fun and my crappy internet connection coul handle it... so that's always a plus :D
2. for those of you who haven't tried The Movies, u should go to the nearest game store and buy this game, it's very cool. The guys at my campus creates all sort of hilarious movies with this game and it's very fun !!!

Well, i suppose that's it for now :D

P.S: For those of you who want to find me, try:
Katrina Bloodsteel in Guild Wars
Xylestia in KAL Online
Julius Rosenberg or Xandreas Ardentum in FCRO

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Random stuffs

I've designed a custom race for D&D:
Half Vampire

The result of Human-Vampire mating doesn't usually exist, being that the mate is usually killed or turned into a vampire after the mating. But in several cases, the mate could be saved in time...or rather...too late. In this case, the born offspring is a half-vampire, while looks exactly like ordinary human, still hungers for blood. Half-Vampires receives the traits which vampires have. Including inert magical abilities. In most cases, people would misunderstood Half-Vampires as born spellcasters, like sorcerers or perhaps psions.

Personality: Most Half-Vampires are antisocial and likes dark and mysterious places. They find occult stuffs interesting and are fond to places which emanates dark energies.

Physical Description: Most Half-Vampire looks just like a human, Half-Vampires from other races doesn't exist. Human Half-Vampires exists because it has something to do with human's body metabolism. Half-Vampires height is the same as an average human, and weighs like an average human. Other features resembles that of a human, except for one.

Half-Vampire's canines are longer than average humans, not as long as normal vampire but still quite long. Half-Vampires usually have red or yellow eyes, but there are some who have normal eye color. Half-Vampires casts a reflection in mirrors but the reflection is blurry, they also have shadow but is also blurry, if it is noticable at all.

Relations: Half-Vampires lives just like any other humans, but they prefer solitude and silence. Half-Vampire community is something unheard of, they usually scatter everywhere and doesn't even realize that there are many who shares the same fate.

Alignment: Although they thirst for blood, Half-Vampires are not always evil, some are good of heart and only feed from animal blood. But because of that same blood thirst, they are not exactly lawful. Half-Vampires alignment ranges from Neutral Good to Chaotic evil. Half-Vampires cannot be lawful.

Half-Vampire Lands: Half-Vampires have no land of their ow, but they are welcome in any in any human cities or any society that usually accepts humans.

Religion: Half-Vampires chose religion as humans do.

Language: Half-Vampires speaks common, but most can hear and understand what the dead speaks.

Names: Half-Vampire names are common human names.

Adventures: Just as humans, Half-Vampires will eventually find themselves in an adventure. Although they are solitary, most would be mercenary, harnessing their natural (or unnatural) powers to use.

Half-Vampire Racial Traits
- +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -4 Constitution: Half-Vampires are faster and stronger than humans, but their bodies are weak and fragile, and they constantly crave for blood.
- Medium-size: As medium size creatures, half-vampires have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
- Half-Vampire base speed is 30 feet.
- Half-Vampires have cold and electricity resistance of 5
- Low-light Vision: Half-Vampires can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
- +2 racial bonus to Listen, Search and Spot checks, Half-Vampires have heightened senses almost as keen as their fathers.
- Light Vulnerability (Ex) Exposure to bright light (sunlight or a daylight spell) blinds the Half-Vampire for 1 round and instantly deals 1d6 fire damage. In addition, Half-Vampire suffer a -1 circumstance penalty to all attack rolls, saves and checks while operating in bright light.
- Half-Vampires does not have weakness to garlic, holy symbol, running water, holy water or mirrors as their fathers.
- Blood Drain (Ex) A Half-Vampire can suck blood from a living victim with its fangs by making a successful grapple check. If it pins the foe, it drains blood, dealing 1d4 points of Constitution drain each round the pin is maintained. On each such successful attack, the vampire gains 5 temporary hit points.
- Blood Hunger (Ex) If the Half-Vampire does not feed for long period of time(1-2 days). He will start losing Hit Points over time and receives -1 penalty to anything he is doing (including a 10% chance of failure in spellcasting). After he feeds, the penalty will dissapear after 1-5 minutes, depending on the quality of his "food".
- Human Blood: although cursed with the vampire's Blood Hunger, a Half-Vampire is considered human for all special abilities and effects, for example, a weapon which usually destroys an undead would only hurt a Half-Vampire as it would hurt a human.
Automatic language: Common. Bonus Language: Any (other than secret languages). Half-Vampires also have the ability to communicate with the dead.
- Spell-Like Abilities: As the result of the unnatural mating, Half-Vampries have psionic qualities. Half-Vampires can use Telekinesis(as in the spell Telekinesis) 5 times/day. Half-Vampires may only use the normal and Violent Thrust type of telekinesis, and cannot use it for combat maneuvering (as described in the Telekinesis description). The Half-Vampire however, may use this Telekinetic power unlimited times if only used for minor tasks, such as making minor object float on air or pulling small object toward the Vampire (consult this with your DM).
- Favored Class: Any. When determining whether a multiclass half-vampire suffers an XP penalty, hir highest-level class does not count.
- Level Adjustment +2: Half-Vampires are more powerful and gains level more slowly than most of the other common races.


On another note, i've registered to some get paid while surfing site, dunno if it'll work though :P
If you want to help me, or interested to find out about it yourself, register here:
Please use that link instead of just typing , i need the point ^^

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dumb, Smart, Game



Go Figure.

In accordance to people blaming Video Games for some screw-ups. GET A MOTHERFUCKING LIFE !!! Video Games doesn't make people violent. Oh, your kid goes on a killing spree and you blame the games he was playing instead of your inability to teach your kid ? These game-hater disgusts me.
Before you say a single shit about games, why doon't you go close down any film company which produces violent movies ? FUCKTARDS !

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Champion ! :P

Well after a few days of *uhm*..."hunting", my High Acolyte finally changed job into a Champion. yaay !

Here's 2 screenshots of my champ, with blinker, and without blinker(so that's why he used a blinker !!! LOL)

And, there's this nice fanart of a Guild Wars Female Ranger, u can see it here

Oh and for those who haven't seen the Dungeons & Dragons Online : Stormreach screenshots, you have to see it !!!:

DDO will use Eberron setting, a new setting which is very unique and it has a new race which instantly became my fave race: The Warforged

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Cosplay Photos and New MMORPG

Well, someone from Ragnafilia Forum ( uploaded plenty of photos from the Cosplay.
You can see it here:
and here:

Quite interesting ^^

And here's something to make you blind:
Arghhh, my eyes, it burns, it burns......

Now for the gaming part :P
I never noticed that there's a new MMORPG in Indonesia, Knight Online (
Brought here by the guys who imported O2Jam :D

I've tried playing it for a while (1-2 Hours) and here's my review:
Graphics= 6
Not exactly the most beautiful MMORPG, but it does have some resemblance with Tantra, with some exceptions: The character models are very...very...ugly.

Nothing new or interesting, typical MMORPG gameplay, hunt, loot, sell, rinse and repeat. The gameplay is somewhat the same with Lineage 2. But as character selection goes, this game is very undesirable. There's only 4 class to choose from and 7 sub-race (divided into 2 Race: the "humans" and "orcs"). For the first 5 minutes i actually do feel interested with it, but after awhile it gets boring.

Well i don't review sounds and for community, because this game is not largely publicated to the masses, there's only about 5-10 people that i've seen in-game (but perhaps the others are in higher level areas ? i don't want to know).

My comment ? if this game is going to be free, you might want to try it with some friends. But even if it's free i doubt it will make you interested for long.

That's it for now, have a nice day :P

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Bhooooooot !!!

Well, guess what....i didn't go to see the Cosplay :(
Some family business and a friend needs help with her assignment.

Well even though i didn't get to see the cosplay, i did get to eat plenty of seafood :D

And ! i also finished downloading Age of Empires 3 Demo ( :D
The game is now very different from it's predecessor, plenty of new stuffs, like the card system

And there's this character named Amelia Black, which gives me some inspiration for an RP character i'm making.

Well, i got nothing else to talk about, that's it for now :P
Here's a little bonus, a photo of my room (a.k.a "The Dumpster")

That's my brother playing the PC (yep, my brother's totally different from me :P)

Oh and for those of you who like the MGS series, u should read this:
It's hilarious :D

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Killing...err... Shopping Spree (+50 Gold)

I've just went to Dusit Mangga Dua(Jakarta's largest ? mall ? whatever...)and bought some stuff :D

Games i bought:
1. Rising Kingdoms (, it looks like the game Settlers, but it plays like Warcraft III, quite interesting actually....i hope :P

2. Fate (, a hack n slash RPG which plays like Diablo. The game's quite addictive and...dare i say it ?....perhaps even better than Diablo !!!

3. Sacred : Underworld (, an expansion(or sequel ?) of what i call the Underdog RPG of 2003(or is it 2004...i forgot :P), Sacred ( Sacred : Underworld offers 2 new hero characters, the Dwarf and the Succubus. The old characters (Wood Elf, Dark Elf, Seraphim, Vampire, Gladiator and Batle Mage) is still available.

I'll give some more reviews of those games when i have the chance :D

Other than those 3 i also bought an FFVII : AC DVD :D, loved that movie, even though the story isn't that good, but it does offer some great battle scenes. Oh and i love how Tifa looks in that movie, *drools* (okay buddy, yer making yourself look like a pervert, stop that).

On another note, I got a Nokia 6680 for my Birthday :D yaay !!!
I'm currently searching for some free GBA Emulator which i could use in my Nokia 6680, there's this one thing called vBoy (, but you have to pay for it, and 'cause i'm a cheapskate i think i'll just search for a free emulator :D

Oh i also look forward to tommorow's cosplay event in Kelapa Gading La Piazza, i hope some of u will show up there :D i'm going to take some picture of the event and i'll post it here.

Note: The screenshots i've posted here are from the internet, i'm too lazy to upload my own.

First Blood (+200 Gold) :D

This is my first post here, but not my first post in a blog :P
I'll copy today's blog entry from my previous blog. From today, this will be my new blog *fanfare*

I just downloaded some hilarious videos of GW from
Go to the Fan Art/Movies forum and download some of those GW Music Videos.

Hope u enjoy it as much as i do :D

On another note, the TCG project i'm currently in is starting to take shape:
Pray that this project succeeds :D