Sunday, April 23, 2006

Updates and stuffs...

Well, this past few weeks, I played plenty of games, web-based, MMORPG and single-player game :) Here's some very short reviews:

1. Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion ( - Single Player RPG
Who doesn't know the awesomeness which is Oblivion ? Don't you dare call yourself Role Playing Gamers if you haven't tried this game !!! This game is just...awesome. Some people says that Oblivion feels too ..."console"-like. But i find it to my liking :) First, the game offers the freedom to do almost anything and to go anywhere you want. Second, the game offers a more simplified gameplay features (some may call this "dumbed-down" features), like Fast-Travel and the simplified HUD. There may be disagreement about these things, but "to each their own" , eh ?
Oblivion's graphic are just gorgeous !!! breathtaking landscapes fill the horizon and just waiting for you to explore them :) For those of you who like RPGs, you should try this game out..seriously ! I also found an interesting podcast you shoult check out and listen, over HERE.

2. RAN Online Indonesia ( - F2P MMORPG
I've spoke about this game on my last post. Tried the game until lvl 20 and my opinion is...Interesting, for awhile. At first, the idea of you being a high-school student and fight with students from other schools and level up by beating up hostile AI-Lowlifes is kind of interesting. But after a few hours of hitting and killing and hitting and killing and eating tons of bread, I got kind of bored. It's good that the game's free to play though, so I'm not protestin' :)

3. X-Kings (
Well, I already talk about this game before, but now that i'm much higher in the ranks I like this game even more. Plenty of technology to research, balancing Offense and Defense and choosing the right player to attack :) Try it out :) it's fun ^^

4. World of Dungeons (
A new web-based RPG game. The whole idea of the game is to create a dungeon exploring party and get some loot from dungeons. Plenty of Class and Races to choose from(if you pay) and forcing you to group is actually a nice idea (for a web-based game) so that you could (and should) interact with other players to create a party.

5. Star Wars Combine (
A simulation RPG for Star Wars fans :) This game is quite different from other web-based RPGs, because the gameplay is very complex. You play this game as if you're really living inside the Star Wars universe. The game is quite slow-paced so you don't have to check it out every hour or so. It's fun for those who likes to role-play.

Well, that's all the game i've played until now, let's go to the next random stuff :)
For those of you who like School Rumble, the second session dubbed "School Rumble Second Term" is released !!! for more info, check out (you can also download the movie there and check out their Wiki :) )

I guess that's all for now :)
cya ^^

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The force is strong in this one :P

Well i got bored playing SEAL Online after 2-3 weeks and i got back to play Guild Wars casually. After a while I installed Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic 2 again :) and this time, i'll finish it for sure (didn't finished the game the first time I bored somehow...).
Here's my character: Alina Valm, currently a Jedi Sentinel 15/Sith Lord 1 :)

And here's screenshot from the game:

On another note, i'm going to play Star Wars Role Play (d20 rule) with some friends :)
here's my character Avinash Raad Shankar, a Kaleesh Jedi Guardian: (what's with the name you say ? well, since Grievous' real name is Qymaen Jai Sheelal, i might as well use some hybrid Arabic-Indian names too right :P ? )
The pic is created by my friend Rosenkreuz (that's the link to her DeviantArt site up there)

Well that's all for now :P
cya later (most likely on 28-30 April, when Guild Wars : Factions came out)