Sunday, April 09, 2006

The force is strong in this one :P

Well i got bored playing SEAL Online after 2-3 weeks and i got back to play Guild Wars casually. After a while I installed Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic 2 again :) and this time, i'll finish it for sure (didn't finished the game the first time I bored somehow...).
Here's my character: Alina Valm, currently a Jedi Sentinel 15/Sith Lord 1 :)

And here's screenshot from the game:

On another note, i'm going to play Star Wars Role Play (d20 rule) with some friends :)
here's my character Avinash Raad Shankar, a Kaleesh Jedi Guardian: (what's with the name you say ? well, since Grievous' real name is Qymaen Jai Sheelal, i might as well use some hybrid Arabic-Indian names too right :P ? )
The pic is created by my friend Rosenkreuz (that's the link to her DeviantArt site up there)

Well that's all for now :P
cya later (most likely on 28-30 April, when Guild Wars : Factions came out)

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