Friday, November 30, 2012

A Cheapskate's Guide to Steam Deals

For some of us, games isn't really on the top of our priority list of things to buy. For some of us, we live in a third world country where the price of one game equals food for the whole family...for a whole week. And before any asshole says that "Well if you're poor you shouldn't buy games" I say please fuck off and don't come back.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

I think that everybody should already know that Baldur's Gate is one of the best computer RPG of all time. If you've never heard of Baldur's gate before, I suggest you buy the new Enhanced Edition right now or I will personally hunt you down and kill you.

Humble THQ Bundle is now live!

Humble Bundle...with THQ...
The bundle contains Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon, Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes: Opposing Forces, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor. All of those FOR ONLY $1. But of course it is preferrable that you pay more, because this IS for charity.
You'll also get Saints Row the Third if you pay more than the average price. What are you waiting for? this is definitely a bargain. Go do your good deed and get your cheap games you cheapskate :)

Here you go:

Kickstarter Watch #4: Through the Breach

Been awhile since the last kickstarter watch. Let's just say I didn't really do a lot of watching around kickstarter for some time. Anywho for today's Kickstarter Watch I will look at Through the Breach. This is a Role Playing book for the Malifaux setting. Malifaux itself is a very interesting tabletop miniature game which replaces dice with fate decks which adds a whole new layer of strategy involving hand management and sometimes bluffing.

The setting itself is a combination of steampunk, horror, western and victorian setting all mashed into one very cool package. I'm a big fan of the miniature game and the RPG obviously got me hyped.

What interests me:
- Unique setting(steamvictoriohorrorwestpunk)
- Also uses cards instead of dice
- Great looking arts and exclusive miniatures

It is a bit pricey but for those who wanted to pay more they do offer quite a lot of interesting incentives, including exclusive miniatures and having your own character drawn and included in the book. For RPG enthusiasts, don't miss out on this really interesting RPG and for those of you who want to know more check out their Kickstarter page at:

Also check out their awesome miniature game at:

Samurai Empire Review

I never liked games like Travian where you build bases, attack other players and got owned by players who already played for a few years before you and can't do anything else when other players around your kingdom starts attacking you constantly but I always like games with collection and RPG elements. Samurai Empires fits this quite perfectly.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Run Android apps on your PC

I have an old android phone, an LG-P350 and since I'm not really into mobile devices I don't really have a plan to buy a new phone. I AM however interested in playing some of the games that are available only on mobile devices. So I searched for a way and found out about Bluestacks.

I've only used this to play some games like Samurai Empire but it works fine so far. I really recommend this program for those of you who for whatever reason wants to run mobile apps on your PC.

The beta version for Bluestacks was released on march 2012 and this thing is pretty nifty . Check it out here:

Note: And with this, now I can start reviewing interesting mobile games here on the blog :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Torchlight II Late Review(contains a bit of Diablo III review)

I know, I know that Torchlight 2 have been out for quite some time but I was still playing Diablo 3 when it first comes out. Now that I've gotten sick and tired of Diablo 3 and have at last noticed its many flaws I started playing Torchlight 2.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Wizardry Online Beta Impressions

It is no secret that I prefer western MMOs compared to eastern ones. I've had my share of Ragnarok Online, Risk Your Life, Perfect World and all of those grindy asian MMOs but when Wizardry Online was announced I felt a bit intrigued by it. The reason I'm interested in it is because of the game's focus on giving a more challenging dungeon crawling experience.

Monday, November 19, 2012

GW2 Lost Shores Event Review

It's not a secret that I love GW2 very much even when most of my friends left the game I still play it every day and are very excited with the events that ArenaNet plans for the game. I love the Halloween event and felt that it is a very good event which is executed nicely. Sadly the same can't be said for the Lost Shores Event.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

SW:TOR F2P Restrictions and GW2 Lost Shores Event

SW:TOR went F2P a few days ago and what I've seen is that Bioware just went overboard on the F2P player's restrictions. Yes, other games with freemium models also have a lot of restrictions but this list of restriction and drawbacks for F2P players is a bit too much. 25% increase on prices? really? Limited quickslots for F2P players? wow. It seems that I won't be coming back to SW:TOR any time soon to play my lvl 50 Bounty Hunter since with these restrictions, coming back to play a max lvl character just seems dumb because there is nothing to do that'll be rewarding for me.

On another note, GW2's Lost Shore event started yesterday and I have mixed feelings about it. The idea is okay I guess, with Lion's Arch being attacked by the karka which starts a Dynamic Event in the city for players to participate in. The problem would be that ArenaNet isn't really ready for this event. The server lagged so hard and people are mostly confused on what to do. The event is quite interesting for me but it seems to be just a waste of time and money, considering people usually just die because of the lag and repair costs are higher than the event reward.

The Scavenger hunt this time around is also a bit dissapointing. On the Halloween event, they offer new back pieces which is unique to the event and people love it. But now they only give jugs of liquid karma and some tokens for Lionguard equipments which you can already get(except for the rune/sigil).

Overall, the Lost Shore is interesting in theory but sadly lacking in practice. It is fun to see Lion's Arch being attacked by monsters but fighting them while lagging, with no unique reward? I should've just stayed in bed(the event is on 3:00 A.M on my country).

Sorry A-Net, better luck on your next event on December. I'll be looking forward to a hopefully better event.

Monday, November 05, 2012

MechWarrior Online Newbie Tips

MWO is a fun game, whatever the hater said about pay to win or whatever what is important for me is how the game feels. I like the simulation style and that it enforces tactical thinking and teamwork. Although of course PUGs aren't always good for this kind of playstyle but it is still fun nonetheless. Heck I think even losing is still fun in this game. I'm still a giant noob at this game and in most games I usually got blown up because I'm in the wrong place or just because I can't circle strafe to save my life :P
But hey, I believe that new players would need all the tips they could get and these tips I give, although as far as credibility goes is pretty sketchy(well, I'm still using Trial mechs) are still tips that could be pretty useful.