Sunday, November 18, 2012

SW:TOR F2P Restrictions and GW2 Lost Shores Event

SW:TOR went F2P a few days ago and what I've seen is that Bioware just went overboard on the F2P player's restrictions. Yes, other games with freemium models also have a lot of restrictions but this list of restriction and drawbacks for F2P players is a bit too much. 25% increase on prices? really? Limited quickslots for F2P players? wow. It seems that I won't be coming back to SW:TOR any time soon to play my lvl 50 Bounty Hunter since with these restrictions, coming back to play a max lvl character just seems dumb because there is nothing to do that'll be rewarding for me.

On another note, GW2's Lost Shore event started yesterday and I have mixed feelings about it. The idea is okay I guess, with Lion's Arch being attacked by the karka which starts a Dynamic Event in the city for players to participate in. The problem would be that ArenaNet isn't really ready for this event. The server lagged so hard and people are mostly confused on what to do. The event is quite interesting for me but it seems to be just a waste of time and money, considering people usually just die because of the lag and repair costs are higher than the event reward.

The Scavenger hunt this time around is also a bit dissapointing. On the Halloween event, they offer new back pieces which is unique to the event and people love it. But now they only give jugs of liquid karma and some tokens for Lionguard equipments which you can already get(except for the rune/sigil).

Overall, the Lost Shore is interesting in theory but sadly lacking in practice. It is fun to see Lion's Arch being attacked by monsters but fighting them while lagging, with no unique reward? I should've just stayed in bed(the event is on 3:00 A.M on my country).

Sorry A-Net, better luck on your next event on December. I'll be looking forward to a hopefully better event.

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