Friday, November 30, 2012

A Cheapskate's Guide to Steam Deals

For some of us, games isn't really on the top of our priority list of things to buy. For some of us, we live in a third world country where the price of one game equals food for the whole family...for a whole week. And before any asshole says that "Well if you're poor you shouldn't buy games" I say please fuck off and don't come back.

Now then if you're still reading, that means you want to know what my guide is all about. Well, it's all about going to the right sources and doing the right things to get the best prices out of games on Steam. Do mind that this is what I usually do and of course I might miss out on some other interesting deals. If you happen to know a useful site or tips that I didn't mention here, do post a comment about it :)

1. Patience is a virtue
Steam sales are very interesting and the amount of games on sale will of course make your wallet itch for some action. But do exercise patience on Steam Sales. Never, ever buy a game that isn't on a limited deal except on the last day of the sale. Why is this? because there is always a chance that the game will enter the Daily Deal or the Flash Deal and got even more discount. Like on the last Autumn Sale, Torchlight 2 was discounted 25% since the first day, but a few days later it got in the Daily Deal and the discount went up to 50%. I've seen people rage about this to Valve but I blame those same people for not having any patience or even any common sense.

2. Packs are your friend
Always buy games on packs. 2-packs, 3-packs, 4-packs. All of these will cut the price quite significantly, especially the 4-packs which is essentially paying for 3 copies of the game to get 4 copies. If you don't have any friends who wants to buy the same game try finding other people in the official Steam forums who wants to buy the same game.

3. Expand your hunting ground
Steam aren't the only ones having a sale you know. Plenty of other websites have sales too whenever Steam is having a sale. For best coverage of these sales, check out the /r/Gamedeals subreddit on Reddit. Another good way to track discounts and deals are the Hookups Steam Group.

4. Bundles are always a bargain
If you like to try out Indie games, check out all the indie bundles out there. They mostly bundle up indie games and sell them at a very low price. I've got plenty of indie games for only $1-5. Yes, not all of those games are good but just buy bundles with games that you're interested in and hey, there might be a few games out there that will surprise you.
Here are a list of bundles I usually check regularly:
Humble Bundle
Indie Gala
Indie Royale
there are also other bundles that might be interesting, but sometimes they aren't Steam games:
Indie Face Kick

5. Try your chances
If you'd like to try your chances at free games, or maybe you want to share back to the community do check out sites like Steamgifts and Playblink.

Well, that's all I can think of for now. I'll add more later when I think of anything else.

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