Monday, December 14, 2009

Some random stuffs

Well, I actually don't have any relevant news of story or whatever to post here but I decided to post something anyway :D

First, on the miniatures front. My Malifaux Lady Justice Crew Box has arrived about 1-2 weeks ago and I've started painting it. I've done Lady Justice and The Judge and my friend did two of the three Death Marshalls. So it's one Death Marshall to go.

Another friend of mine ordered the Gremlins Crew Box and it has arrived a few days ago. He asked me to paint his army so I'll going to do just that after I finished all my work(level design for an iPhone game, rules draft for another friend's miniature game, article for Gamezine, and painting my own miniatures).

Now, off to the MMO front. Since Warhammer Online I've been in and out of some MMOs, mostly international ones. I've tried DDO, Dragon Oath, Runes of Magic and recently, the closed beta of Allods Online. Allods Online is really interesting. It has similar features and feel as World of Warcraft but it's free and offers cooler races to play(love those Gibberlings and Arisen). I tried an Arisen Mage on closed beta and I'm loving it(especially since the Risen Mage's higher tier armor looks similar to the Cryxian Iron Liches from the Warmachine miniatures).
In short, cool game, cool races, looks great, plays nice and a must try for MMO lovers.

Alright, next...
I've just pre-ordered the Dragon Age RPG book from Green Ronin yesterday. It costs quite a lot of money but I think it's worth it. I got the PDF for free because of the pre-order and I'm satisfied with what the book has to offer, although it only offer content until 5th level.
I need to read the book and study the rules and after that I'm going to make an RPG campaign with it. Can't wait to play it with my friends at the store(my store, Gamer's Ground).

well, I suppose that's all...
I'll post again when something more interesting comes up.
Maybe some photos of my Malifaux army and some screens from Allods Online.....or not.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


After Infinity, I searched around the net for some other interesting miniature game and found Malifaux. At first I wasn't really impressed by their miniature lines but after having the time to look at them carefully I love them. Here's the website for those who wants to see:

Aside from the interesting and characterful minis, Malifaux's gameplay really interest me. First, it uses no dice and instead uses playing cards(or custom made Fate Decks that could be replaced by normal playing cards) to resolve everything. Second, the game is more objective-based and not just some random slaughter-fest like most game I've played. Other games also implements objectives and such but I haven't seen one that implements it like in Malifaux.

So there it is, the unique miniatures and unique gameplay really made me fall in love with this game :D

I ordered the Lady Justice starter box and Perdita Ortega(not the box). My Perdita Ortega miniature has arrived just yesterday and I'm going to try to paint her like Tifa in Crisis Core.
I'm thinking of buying another starter as my second army. I'm thinking either Pandora(Neverborn Faction) or Rasputina(Arcanist Faction).

Here's Perdita:

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The rest of the army

Here's the rest of my Yu Jing Army, the Guijia and Domaru Butai

Here's a group shot of all the Heavy Infantry on my army list:

There's also some pic on Hordes. My friend painted these for me. The result is far more superior than whatever I can try to do to my minis. These 2 minis are Absylonia, Terror of Everblight and Nephilim Soldier from the Legion of Everblight faction.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Painting Miniatures - 1st try

Well, as I's a photo of my Infinity minis that I painted myself :)
I just tried miniature painting for the first time so I suppose the result could be better but hey, practice makes perfect so maybe I'll get the hang of it after a few dozen more miniatures :D
The painting's not 100% done yet though, I still need to do some highlights on some part of the minis.

I haven't finished the Domaru Butai and Celestial Guard yet and the store where I bought these minis was out of Shaolin Monks. I've finished the Guijia figure today but haven't got the chance to take a photo of it.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

To Infinity and Beyond

No, it's not a ramble about Toys Story but instead, it's about a Tabletop Skirmish Miniature Game(or whatever you want to call it) called Infinity.
Well, Infinity is a Tabletop Miniature Game from Corvus Belli which is a company residing in Spain. The game uses manga aesthetics to present a marvelous sci-fi world filled with conflict and plenty of interesting figures.

I'm just starting to play the game(well actualy I've only read some of the rules, but I like what I read) and have chosen Yu Jing as my army. I've ordered the Starter Pack for Yu Jing and two other units: the Shaolin Warrior Monks and the Hsien Warrior.

Infinity is not a pre-painted miniature game so I'd have to paint all of those myself. I'm still new at this miniature painting stuff(I have a Nephilim Soldier from Hordes but my friend painted it for me) but I'm thinking of using the colors from the character Alphard from Canaan(a great Anime).

Here's what she looks like:

Well, that's it for now. I'll post some photos when the figures have arrived and when I finished painting them. Until then, if any of you're interested in Infinity, check out
If you're living in Indonesia, just contact me if you're interested in ordering some Infinity minis :D

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Day of Fire and Water

One day, two disasters, and I'm involved in both of them(well, kind of). Just my luck, eh?
The first disaster, "Fire" is of course the Oil Depot Fire in Plumpang, which happened on January 18th. The area is quite close to where I live, not very close but close enough so that if something goes awry, the fire will certainly spread to the area where I live. So what's the most reasonable thing to do? my family decides to go back to the old house, the same old house that has always sufer from floods in the last two years(well, not last year but the road IS flooded).

And whoop-dee-do, we have our second disaster, "Water". Around 12.00PM it starts raining and around 01.00AM I got to the old house and watch some TV news then went to sleep on around 02.00AM. The rain gets worse and it starts flooding on 03.00AM, that's just great. So we hop to the cars and try to get the heck out of the neighbourhood. But no, it can't be THAT easy, the road just have to be packed with people and all the crossroads are filled with cars that are parked there to avoid the water. And what do we get? around half an hour wait inside the car, in the middle of the road, with water rising all around us. Thankfully we got to the larger road at around 03.30AM. We wait there until 06.00AM and when we saw that the water level is lower, we went straight to the new house. Heck, contained fire near the area is far better than living with water up to your knee(inside the house).

So there you have it, hopefully the worst day of my life...

Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy New Year?....whatever

Well, as usual, I "forgot" to post anything here for a few months, mostly because of Warhammer Online. Although I've suspended my account since December because I need some time off from the game. Still a great game IMO, I just need more time to play other games(namely, Fallout 3).

I won't be discussing Fallout 3 though, because I think the game is just OK in my book, not that great but still a good game.

What I will be discussing(for a bit) is Monsterpocalypse. The Collectible Miniature Game featuring giant monsters. The game's very tactical in which you must really plan and think about your next moves, almost like chess. The theme itself really interests me because of the obvious references to popular giant monster movies like Godzilla and those japanese movies like Ultraman. They even have a Cthulhu faction called the Lords of Cthul, the faction I'm currently using.

I'll post some photos of my collection when I have some time, but for now...I'm off.

oh....err...Happy New Year 2009(I'm just 9 days late, no biggie right?)