Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy New Year?....whatever

Well, as usual, I "forgot" to post anything here for a few months, mostly because of Warhammer Online. Although I've suspended my account since December because I need some time off from the game. Still a great game IMO, I just need more time to play other games(namely, Fallout 3).

I won't be discussing Fallout 3 though, because I think the game is just OK in my book, not that great but still a good game.

What I will be discussing(for a bit) is Monsterpocalypse. The Collectible Miniature Game featuring giant monsters. The game's very tactical in which you must really plan and think about your next moves, almost like chess. The theme itself really interests me because of the obvious references to popular giant monster movies like Godzilla and those japanese movies like Ultraman. They even have a Cthulhu faction called the Lords of Cthul, the faction I'm currently using.

I'll post some photos of my collection when I have some time, but for now...I'm off.

oh....err...Happy New Year 2009(I'm just 9 days late, no biggie right?)

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