Friday, February 10, 2006

Guild Wars : Factions Preview Event and Invitation Giveaway

Another Preview Event ? you betcha !
This time there'll be PvE !!! 4 missions will be available to play.
But there's one downside to this new event, you can't just make a new account and play like the last Weekend event.
For those who want to play in this Preview Event you must have a Guild Wars account, that means for those of you who already created an account at the last event can play and for those who already own a full retail Guild Wars account (like myself) can also play.

But what about those who doesn't have an account ?
Don't worry, Guild Wars players who owns a full account can send up to 3 invitations to other peoples.

So now let's get to the main part :)
I'm going to give away 3 invitations for free. But there's a catch, it's quite easy actually ^^
Just go to both of these links:
Fame Link
Referral Link

For the Fame Link, just click yes and it's finished :) (remember to make a screenshot as proof)
For the referral link, you just have to register under my ID, activate your account and login (i'll automatically know if you've done this).

Now, after you've done both of the tasks, send me an e-mail ( containing the screenshot from the clicked fame link and your username which u have registered under my ID.
Use "GW Invitation" as the subject or i'll ignore your e-mail :)
3 People who sent first will be rewarded an Invitation for the 14 day Preview Event :)

This contest ends 1 day before the Preview Event(March 24th) and i'll immediately send the invitation to the winners at that day.

Note: For more info on the event check out

Monday, February 06, 2006

Browser Based Games :)

Well, almost nothing to report :3
It's holiday and i'm just wasting time everyday :D
You know, the usual stuff, game mechanics design. Oh, i designed a new setting btw... it's unfinished right now, i'll post it here when it's done.
This new setting will be used for other "projects". A TCG(Trading Card Game), Browser Based RPG and a PnP RPG. (All of those projects are'nt commercial projects or anything, it's just my personal hobby).

On another note, i'm currently playing some pretty interesting Browser Based games. You should try these games if you're looking for something to play in your spare time.
Here's the list, in no particular order :
1. Imperia Online (
A great browser based strategy game, reminds me of Age of Empires (not exactly the same, but it's quite similar).

2. X-Kings (
For those of you who played Kings of Chaos, you'll like this game. It's a strategy game where you can research technology, train units and attack other players. You generate units from Support Points which you could get from other players, having a commander or from recruiting officers. This game is not as complex as Imperia Online, but it's still good :). Clink on the link up there to register as my officer. Don't worry, it's a win-win situation. Everyone gets SP :)

3. Phantasy RPG (
This Browser based RPG reminds me a bit of classic RPGs. You got an explorable world, turn-based RPG combat, pets, and plenty more. The only downside is that it take quite a while to load the site (with my connection :P ). Click the link up there to register as my follower. Or if you're not interested in playing/registering as my follower, at least click this link
to give my character some exp and crowne(gold) :)

4. The Crims (
A browser based game with n interesting setting, be a bad guy and rob someone, build a drug empire, act as a pimp or whatever you want. You could even win an X-Box 360 if you're good. Try it out :)

5. Mech Crusaders (
An RPG with a futuristic setting, be a commender of a mech army and fight to gain fame and fortune. I played this game since 1-2 years ago but stopped playing it for about a year, now i'm back, not because i'm bored but because this game is great :) (well ok, partly because i have nothing else to do :P)

6. Men & Dragons
For those of you who wanted a browser based game which doesn't take too much of your time, this is the game. This game is quite new and you play with 2 characters. Your first character is your knight, you use this character to attack other people's dragons, or hunt wild dragons for gold and items. Your second character, the dragon guards your treasury from other people's knight. Try it out, it's quite fun.

Well that's it for now, see ya later :)