Friday, February 10, 2006

Guild Wars : Factions Preview Event and Invitation Giveaway

Another Preview Event ? you betcha !
This time there'll be PvE !!! 4 missions will be available to play.
But there's one downside to this new event, you can't just make a new account and play like the last Weekend event.
For those who want to play in this Preview Event you must have a Guild Wars account, that means for those of you who already created an account at the last event can play and for those who already own a full retail Guild Wars account (like myself) can also play.

But what about those who doesn't have an account ?
Don't worry, Guild Wars players who owns a full account can send up to 3 invitations to other peoples.

So now let's get to the main part :)
I'm going to give away 3 invitations for free. But there's a catch, it's quite easy actually ^^
Just go to both of these links:
Fame Link
Referral Link

For the Fame Link, just click yes and it's finished :) (remember to make a screenshot as proof)
For the referral link, you just have to register under my ID, activate your account and login (i'll automatically know if you've done this).

Now, after you've done both of the tasks, send me an e-mail ( containing the screenshot from the clicked fame link and your username which u have registered under my ID.
Use "GW Invitation" as the subject or i'll ignore your e-mail :)
3 People who sent first will be rewarded an Invitation for the 14 day Preview Event :)

This contest ends 1 day before the Preview Event(March 24th) and i'll immediately send the invitation to the winners at that day.

Note: For more info on the event check out


  1. This new expansion could well be a serious competition for World of Warcraft as the king of MMORPGs. Maybe this is why WoW developed various new environment effects like sandstorms in its new patch.

    Too bad I cannot play Guild Wars from Bekasi. My connection isn't too sophisticated here.

  2. You can't connect to international game servers ? so your connection is IIX only ?

  3. I'm usin' Cable connection with a 384 KBps speed. The connection broke often when connecting to international servers. But I can play Unreal Tournament 2004 through GameSpy, despite some minor lags.

  4. Wow, to be able to play UT2004 on an international server is a great feat for an Indonesian connection LOL :P
    A pity that you can't use it to play MMORPGs though.