Friday, April 27, 2012

Games I'm Currently Playing

Just like old times, I'll list the games I'm currently playing and give my toughts on them.

1. Dungeons and Dragons Online
After all this years, I've gone back to DDO...the First Freemium MMO. It is a fun but unforgiving game. And by unforgiving I mean really unforgiving dungeons filled with not only monster but traps and provides actual challenge aside from fighting monsters. This game is best when played with friends(I got back to this game with some of my friends). I highly recommend this game for those who likes DnD and/or MMOs. I'm currently playing in Thelanis server with my character Xalestia Bloodsteel.

If you're interested in playing, register here:
(yes, yes it's a referral link)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

World of Battles: Morningstar First Impressions

I noticed World of Battles: Morningstar yesterday on Steam and started downloading it immediately because it seems interesting. A blend of "Total War" style combat with a Fantasy setting where you can customize the equipments of your troop? sign me up!

Gamers against Harassment

A friend of mine shared a video to me today and I feel that more people should watch this video. It is about harassment within the gaming community.

Watch it here:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Beta this weekend

Can't wait for the beta this weekend. Sadly I'm a bit busy this weekend with the release event for my new E-Zine: GameQQ MAX and I probably have to go to my shop to check out some stuff. But I'm definitely going to play right when it starts, 2 A.M Western Indonesian Time.

See you in game! :)

My Impressions on the Diablo 3 Open beta

Well actually it's more of my impression on the game itself.
I feel that the game delivers what I expects from a Diablo game. The control is good, everything feels right and not clunky like most of the Diablo Clones out there. The environment looks good and definitely not cartoony. Enough to say that graphically, the game looks astonishing.

Gameplay-wise it is a solid game with even more action than its predecessor IMO. The number of available skills is a bit limited but I understand what Blizzard is trying to do. And simplifying the gameplay is not always a bad thing. It actually makes it a lot more appealing to me personally.

In short(although this is already short) I'd definitely buy Diablo 3 and will probably play it for quite some time. At least until Guild Wars 2 comes out :D

Here's some screenshot from the beta: