Thursday, April 26, 2012

World of Battles: Morningstar First Impressions

I noticed World of Battles: Morningstar yesterday on Steam and started downloading it immediately because it seems interesting. A blend of "Total War" style combat with a Fantasy setting where you can customize the equipments of your troop? sign me up!

Immediately after I finished downloading I tried the tutorial and played a few quick matches(around 6 matches, won 3 of those and lost 3). The combat is quite simple with a rock, paper, scissors element in it(spears>cavalry>infantry, heavy>light). The graphic looks good and the equipment customization can actually be seen on each troop.

The game is great for those who wants to jump in, have a quick match and go back to work or whatever. The quick match actually provide you with a quick matchup of usually 3vs3 or 4vs4. Although sometimes it's 2vs3 or 3vs4 and I have no idea how the matchmaking actually works since it could suddenly throw a group of high level players against a group of lowbies and that is definitely not a fair fight(because lower levels don't have access to some abilities and even equipment slot).

There are a total of seven available races to choose from(2 of those are currently not available). The all look different from each other but sadly it seems they use the basic infantry model over and over again to make the other troop types with only a bit alteration. This makes the unit variety within each faction almost nonexistant in terms of looks.

Well, aside from some minor gripe about the unit looks, World of Battles is a solid game and quite a fun game to play casually IMO. For those of you who likes these sort of games, go for it. but for those who are easily bored, I'd say you better look for another game to play.

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