Friday, April 27, 2012

Games I'm Currently Playing

Just like old times, I'll list the games I'm currently playing and give my toughts on them.

1. Dungeons and Dragons Online
After all this years, I've gone back to DDO...the First Freemium MMO. It is a fun but unforgiving game. And by unforgiving I mean really unforgiving dungeons filled with not only monster but traps and provides actual challenge aside from fighting monsters. This game is best when played with friends(I got back to this game with some of my friends). I highly recommend this game for those who likes DnD and/or MMOs. I'm currently playing in Thelanis server with my character Xalestia Bloodsteel.

If you're interested in playing, register here:
(yes, yes it's a referral link)

2. League of Legends
Okay, I has been awhile since I regularly play LoL. But I still play from time to time although of course not as often as some of my friends wanted me to. LoL is a fun game, offering the same concept as the very popular DotA but they changed and added some features which IMO made LoL much better than DotA. Aside from a more streamlined gameplay and no denying(no matter what people say, I like that there's no Denying in LoL, keeps the gameplay simple and lets you focus on what's really important), LoL has what DotA, HoN and even DotA2 doesn't have: Persistence. Persistence is very important for me because I like having to get something when i play more. Some would say that the game should be reward enough and I say more power to you but for me I'll be easily bored if a game has no persistence.
Current favourite champion: Lux

Interested in playing LoL? register here:

3. Swordgirls
I started playing Sword Girls because the artwork is really interesting. Gameplay is a bit weak because we can only choose which cards to play each turn and the rest is random. However the card crafting mechanics, character gifting and the collectible side of things made me stay and keep playing this game. Although now I mostly do Auto-Battles in the arena and not actually play the game. I'll probable get back to playing the game to at least try to finish some of the dungeons aside from the first.
Username: XKrieg
Deck: Academy

Swordgirls site:

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