Monday, December 14, 2009

Some random stuffs

Well, I actually don't have any relevant news of story or whatever to post here but I decided to post something anyway :D

First, on the miniatures front. My Malifaux Lady Justice Crew Box has arrived about 1-2 weeks ago and I've started painting it. I've done Lady Justice and The Judge and my friend did two of the three Death Marshalls. So it's one Death Marshall to go.

Another friend of mine ordered the Gremlins Crew Box and it has arrived a few days ago. He asked me to paint his army so I'll going to do just that after I finished all my work(level design for an iPhone game, rules draft for another friend's miniature game, article for Gamezine, and painting my own miniatures).

Now, off to the MMO front. Since Warhammer Online I've been in and out of some MMOs, mostly international ones. I've tried DDO, Dragon Oath, Runes of Magic and recently, the closed beta of Allods Online. Allods Online is really interesting. It has similar features and feel as World of Warcraft but it's free and offers cooler races to play(love those Gibberlings and Arisen). I tried an Arisen Mage on closed beta and I'm loving it(especially since the Risen Mage's higher tier armor looks similar to the Cryxian Iron Liches from the Warmachine miniatures).
In short, cool game, cool races, looks great, plays nice and a must try for MMO lovers.

Alright, next...
I've just pre-ordered the Dragon Age RPG book from Green Ronin yesterday. It costs quite a lot of money but I think it's worth it. I got the PDF for free because of the pre-order and I'm satisfied with what the book has to offer, although it only offer content until 5th level.
I need to read the book and study the rules and after that I'm going to make an RPG campaign with it. Can't wait to play it with my friends at the store(my store, Gamer's Ground).

well, I suppose that's all...
I'll post again when something more interesting comes up.
Maybe some photos of my Malifaux army and some screens from Allods Online.....or not.