Sunday, June 30, 2013

March of War Early Access Impressions

I like Turn Based Strategy games and I like World War II setting so when a game combine both and gave the setting a more unique touch by making it an alternate history with Dieselpunk influence of course I'll be really interested in it. March of War successfully gained my interest and I immediately tried it after it went on Steam's Early Access. Is the game any good? let's find out.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Greenlight It! #7: Dysfunctional Systems

Those who likes to read OELVNs(Original English Language Visual Novel) should already be familiar with Dischan. Juniper's Knot and Cradle Song are two of Dischan's Visual Novels that offers excellent art and intriguing story. Now, they have decided to enter Steam with their newest title, Dysfunctional Systems.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

How To: Convert World of Tanks into Girls und Panzer Online. Part 2 - Voice and Music Pack

Welcome back to the guide on how to GuP-ify your World of Tanks client. This part 2 of the "How To" article and I will guide you on how to install the Girls und Panzer Voice Pack and Music Pack. If you missed Part 1 about Tank Skins, go check it out over here. Also, check out my World of Tanks review over here and my World of Tanks Beginner's Guide over here. As before I need to remind you that I did not make these voice and music packs you can find them on this forum page.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

GameQQ Max #17

Yes, i know I did not post about #16 but whatever. This is the latest GameQQ Max, enjoy. As usual, it's in Indonesian language. Check it out here.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How To: Convert World of Tanks into Girls und Panzer Online. Part 1 - Tank Skins

Since I've been getting a lot of question regarding how to install the Girls und Panzer mods to World of Tanks I will now make a tutorial on how to do it. It's actually pretty easy so I don't think any of you should have any problem installing the mods. Do note that I do not make these skins, you can find the respective makers of each of these skins on this forum page. This part 1 of the How to GuP-ify your WoT will teach you how to install the tank skins. Also check out my World of Tanks Review over here and my World of Tanks Beginner Guide over here.

Company of Heroes II Beta Impressions

Quite a lot of people are waiting for Company of Heroes II. As for me, I like the original Company of Heroes but I was never a big fan of the multiplayer aspect of RTS. And now with the multiplayer beta of CoH II I finally try to jump in and find out if the multiplayer of CoH II is good enough for an amateur skirmisher like myself and what new things does CoH II offers.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Marvel Heroes First(Second?) Impression

Marvel Heroes doesn't really have a good actual first impression for me when I play it on the closed beta. Really bad performance issues, some weird character models(lol @ Thor) and an overall feel of the game that leave a lot to be desired. I decided to give it a second chance and jump in when it's released. This would  technically be a second impression? whatever, I'm experiencing the "actual" finished game for the first time so I'm going to say first impression, deal with it.

Guest Post: DotA 2 - thoughts from a player, and why you should try it out. by Bluething

Another Guest Post folks! Most of you should already know or at least of DotA 2 and here's Bluething's take on why you should try out DotA 2.