Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How To: Convert World of Tanks into Girls und Panzer Online. Part 1 - Tank Skins

Since I've been getting a lot of question regarding how to install the Girls und Panzer mods to World of Tanks I will now make a tutorial on how to do it. It's actually pretty easy so I don't think any of you should have any problem installing the mods. Do note that I do not make these skins, you can find the respective makers of each of these skins on this forum page. This part 1 of the How to GuP-ify your WoT will teach you how to install the tank skins. Also check out my World of Tanks Review over here and my World of Tanks Beginner Guide over here.

Sample video of the GuP mods in action
Pz. 38(t) with Animal logo skin, GuP music mod and Pravda Voice Pack

Tank Skins
The tank skins are of course very important to GuP-ify your WoT client so I will address this first.There are a lot of GuP tank skins but for simplicity I will only list the ones I am using myself. If you feel you want to use some of the other skins from the forum you can still use this guide on how to install the mods however I will only link the ones I am using here.

Step 1: Download the skins.
Here are the links to download the mods:
St.Gloriana Tanks

Ooarai Tanks
Ooarai Pz.IV /w Schurzen

Pz.IV /w Miho

Kuromorimine Tiger
Kuromorimine Maus

Saunders Tanks

Step 2: Install the Skins, in order
To install the skins, just extract the files in the rar/zip to your World of Tanks' "res_mods" folder. The contents of the rar/zip should be a "vehicles" folder. Put this folder into your \res_mods\[game version]\ folder (current game version as of the writing of this guide is 0.8.5 so put it into the 0.8.5 folder). In the case that your rar/zip contains the respective vehicles' folder, just create a "vehicles" folder in "res_mods".

For the Ooarai Tanks, for simplicity just install the Ooarai tank Set first then install the Pz.IV /w Schurzen and then install Pz.IV /w Miho.

Step 3: Run the game
If you do it right, you should be able to see the tank skins in the hangar(assuming you have the correct tanks). Remember that these skins are only client-side so only you can see them. These skins will also affect all other player's tanks(when seen by you).


The next guide will teach you on how to install GuP music and voice packs to World of Tanks.
Part 2

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