Thursday, June 20, 2013

How To: Convert World of Tanks into Girls und Panzer Online. Part 2 - Voice and Music Pack

Welcome back to the guide on how to GuP-ify your World of Tanks client. This part 2 of the "How To" article and I will guide you on how to install the Girls und Panzer Voice Pack and Music Pack. If you missed Part 1 about Tank Skins, go check it out over here. Also, check out my World of Tanks review over here and my World of Tanks Beginner's Guide over here. As before I need to remind you that I did not make these voice and music packs you can find them on this forum page.

Voice Pack and Music Pack
The Voice Pack will replace most or all in-game voice notifications. Do remember that these are in Japanese and not all of the sentences will fit the situation so if you feel that you really need to understand what each alert meant you might just want to use the default voices. However if you just want moe anime voices while you play, then continue on! The music pack comes in 2 flavors: Semi-vocals and instrumental. Pick one according to your preference.

Step 1: Download the Voice Pack and Music Pack
Here are the links to all of the available Voice Packs and Music Pack:

Step 2:  Copy "Audio" Folder from "Res" Folder
Open your World of Tanks installation directory and find your "Res" folder, there should be an "Audio" folder inside. Copy the "Audio" folder and paste it to "res_mods\0.8.5" (numbers may change depending on version number).
Step 3: Install Voice Pack and Music Pack
Just like the tank skins, installation is really simple. Just extract the content of the zip/rar files and put it into "Res_mods" folder. The content of the rar/zip should be an "Audio" folder. This works for both the voice and music packs. Do note that when there are events in the game and you get a different looking hangar the music mod will not work when you're in the hangar. It will still work in-game so don't worry.
Step 4: Run the game
If all goes well then your login music and hangar music should be changed now. Get into a match and listen to the alert voices and music.
Enjoy!The next guide will teach you how to change the World of Tanks logo and Login Screen.

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