Thursday, November 26, 2009


After Infinity, I searched around the net for some other interesting miniature game and found Malifaux. At first I wasn't really impressed by their miniature lines but after having the time to look at them carefully I love them. Here's the website for those who wants to see:

Aside from the interesting and characterful minis, Malifaux's gameplay really interest me. First, it uses no dice and instead uses playing cards(or custom made Fate Decks that could be replaced by normal playing cards) to resolve everything. Second, the game is more objective-based and not just some random slaughter-fest like most game I've played. Other games also implements objectives and such but I haven't seen one that implements it like in Malifaux.

So there it is, the unique miniatures and unique gameplay really made me fall in love with this game :D

I ordered the Lady Justice starter box and Perdita Ortega(not the box). My Perdita Ortega miniature has arrived just yesterday and I'm going to try to paint her like Tifa in Crisis Core.
I'm thinking of buying another starter as my second army. I'm thinking either Pandora(Neverborn Faction) or Rasputina(Arcanist Faction).

Here's Perdita:

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The rest of the army

Here's the rest of my Yu Jing Army, the Guijia and Domaru Butai

Here's a group shot of all the Heavy Infantry on my army list:

There's also some pic on Hordes. My friend painted these for me. The result is far more superior than whatever I can try to do to my minis. These 2 minis are Absylonia, Terror of Everblight and Nephilim Soldier from the Legion of Everblight faction.