Monday, June 10, 2013

Marvel Heroes First(Second?) Impression

Marvel Heroes doesn't really have a good actual first impression for me when I play it on the closed beta. Really bad performance issues, some weird character models(lol @ Thor) and an overall feel of the game that leave a lot to be desired. I decided to give it a second chance and jump in when it's released. This would  technically be a second impression? whatever, I'm experiencing the "actual" finished game for the first time so I'm going to say first impression, deal with it.

Marvel Heroes, should I say this...actually not that bad. I've heard a lot of people rage about how terrible this game is and really, even I went in expecting to play a horrible game. The game isn't perfect, I can tell you that. It is plagued by multitudes of bugs, glitches and performance issues that I can see why people are hating it. However! behind this pile of flaws I can see a bit of potential, which could probably save the game, if handled carefully by the devs.

I'm not going to write too much about defending the problems that this game has, but I will try to focus on why I actually kind of enjoy the game. Firstly, it's a hack and slash ARPG in the same root as Diablo 2. Now I'm really a big fan of this kind of game. Each Hero in this game might need a few more skills and balancing but the ones they already have actually does show the uniqueness of each hero. They did a pretty good job on showing the abilities of each superhero and implement it in a Diablo-style game which is fast paced and fun.

My second reason is because of the setting. Yes, I know it's bad to think highly of something that is far from perfect just because there's no other proper Marvel games are coming out soon. But playing Marvel Heroes with your favorite superhero is just so much fun. It really adds so much when you play a character that you really like from the comics. Heck, I barely know anything about Jean Grey but I sure enjoy playing her a lot so that should count for something.

Another reason is that they actually try to add more immersion to the game. They have stuff like random events happening around the world where you can help out a SHIELD Agent or citizens being attacked by some thug. These kind of small stuff adds more to the world and made it seem more immersive, although this is ruined by the fact that you will see multiple copies of each hero available in the game and that some of these events are spawned at the exact same place over and over again.

Now, before you rage on and say I'm stupid or anything because I actually have fun playing this game I need to remind you that I do believe that this game in its current state is far from perfect. It is a buggy game with some bad performance issue, lack of immersion and in need of a lot of improvements. However I still can't help but enjoy playing it so far. This is just my first impression of the game. It's not good, but it's decent enough to play. If Gazillion works hard on improving this game, I can see sinking more time and maybe more money into this game(*cough*release X-23*cough*). As it stands for now, if you're a Marvel Comic fan you might want to try out the game, if you're not then I suggest avoiding it for awhile. Check out in a few months and see if the game has been improved then.

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