Wednesday, September 09, 2009

To Infinity and Beyond

No, it's not a ramble about Toys Story but instead, it's about a Tabletop Skirmish Miniature Game(or whatever you want to call it) called Infinity.
Well, Infinity is a Tabletop Miniature Game from Corvus Belli which is a company residing in Spain. The game uses manga aesthetics to present a marvelous sci-fi world filled with conflict and plenty of interesting figures.

I'm just starting to play the game(well actualy I've only read some of the rules, but I like what I read) and have chosen Yu Jing as my army. I've ordered the Starter Pack for Yu Jing and two other units: the Shaolin Warrior Monks and the Hsien Warrior.

Infinity is not a pre-painted miniature game so I'd have to paint all of those myself. I'm still new at this miniature painting stuff(I have a Nephilim Soldier from Hordes but my friend painted it for me) but I'm thinking of using the colors from the character Alphard from Canaan(a great Anime).

Here's what she looks like:

Well, that's it for now. I'll post some photos when the figures have arrived and when I finished painting them. Until then, if any of you're interested in Infinity, check out
If you're living in Indonesia, just contact me if you're interested in ordering some Infinity minis :D

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