Friday, November 30, 2012

Kickstarter Watch #4: Through the Breach

Been awhile since the last kickstarter watch. Let's just say I didn't really do a lot of watching around kickstarter for some time. Anywho for today's Kickstarter Watch I will look at Through the Breach. This is a Role Playing book for the Malifaux setting. Malifaux itself is a very interesting tabletop miniature game which replaces dice with fate decks which adds a whole new layer of strategy involving hand management and sometimes bluffing.

The setting itself is a combination of steampunk, horror, western and victorian setting all mashed into one very cool package. I'm a big fan of the miniature game and the RPG obviously got me hyped.

What interests me:
- Unique setting(steamvictoriohorrorwestpunk)
- Also uses cards instead of dice
- Great looking arts and exclusive miniatures

It is a bit pricey but for those who wanted to pay more they do offer quite a lot of interesting incentives, including exclusive miniatures and having your own character drawn and included in the book. For RPG enthusiasts, don't miss out on this really interesting RPG and for those of you who want to know more check out their Kickstarter page at:

Also check out their awesome miniature game at:

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