Saturday, September 24, 2005

Killing...err... Shopping Spree (+50 Gold)

I've just went to Dusit Mangga Dua(Jakarta's largest ? mall ? whatever...)and bought some stuff :D

Games i bought:
1. Rising Kingdoms (, it looks like the game Settlers, but it plays like Warcraft III, quite interesting actually....i hope :P

2. Fate (, a hack n slash RPG which plays like Diablo. The game's quite addictive and...dare i say it ?....perhaps even better than Diablo !!!

3. Sacred : Underworld (, an expansion(or sequel ?) of what i call the Underdog RPG of 2003(or is it 2004...i forgot :P), Sacred ( Sacred : Underworld offers 2 new hero characters, the Dwarf and the Succubus. The old characters (Wood Elf, Dark Elf, Seraphim, Vampire, Gladiator and Batle Mage) is still available.

I'll give some more reviews of those games when i have the chance :D

Other than those 3 i also bought an FFVII : AC DVD :D, loved that movie, even though the story isn't that good, but it does offer some great battle scenes. Oh and i love how Tifa looks in that movie, *drools* (okay buddy, yer making yourself look like a pervert, stop that).

On another note, I got a Nokia 6680 for my Birthday :D yaay !!!
I'm currently searching for some free GBA Emulator which i could use in my Nokia 6680, there's this one thing called vBoy (, but you have to pay for it, and 'cause i'm a cheapskate i think i'll just search for a free emulator :D

Oh i also look forward to tommorow's cosplay event in Kelapa Gading La Piazza, i hope some of u will show up there :D i'm going to take some picture of the event and i'll post it here.

Note: The screenshots i've posted here are from the internet, i'm too lazy to upload my own.

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