Sunday, September 25, 2005

Bhooooooot !!!

Well, guess what....i didn't go to see the Cosplay :(
Some family business and a friend needs help with her assignment.

Well even though i didn't get to see the cosplay, i did get to eat plenty of seafood :D

And ! i also finished downloading Age of Empires 3 Demo ( :D
The game is now very different from it's predecessor, plenty of new stuffs, like the card system

And there's this character named Amelia Black, which gives me some inspiration for an RP character i'm making.

Well, i got nothing else to talk about, that's it for now :P
Here's a little bonus, a photo of my room (a.k.a "The Dumpster")

That's my brother playing the PC (yep, my brother's totally different from me :P)

Oh and for those of you who like the MGS series, u should read this:
It's hilarious :D

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