Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Cosplay Photos and New MMORPG

Well, someone from Ragnafilia Forum (forum.ragnafilia.com) uploaded plenty of photos from the Cosplay.
You can see it here:
and here:

Quite interesting ^^

And here's something to make you blind:
Arghhh, my eyes, it burns, it burns......

Now for the gaming part :P
I never noticed that there's a new MMORPG in Indonesia, Knight Online (http://www.knight-online.web.id)
Brought here by the guys who imported O2Jam :D

I've tried playing it for a while (1-2 Hours) and here's my review:
Graphics= 6
Not exactly the most beautiful MMORPG, but it does have some resemblance with Tantra, with some exceptions: The character models are very...very...ugly.

Nothing new or interesting, typical MMORPG gameplay, hunt, loot, sell, rinse and repeat. The gameplay is somewhat the same with Lineage 2. But as character selection goes, this game is very undesirable. There's only 4 class to choose from and 7 sub-race (divided into 2 Race: the "humans" and "orcs"). For the first 5 minutes i actually do feel interested with it, but after awhile it gets boring.

Well i don't review sounds and for community, because this game is not largely publicated to the masses, there's only about 5-10 people that i've seen in-game (but perhaps the others are in higher level areas ? i don't want to know).

My comment ? if this game is going to be free, you might want to try it with some friends. But even if it's free i doubt it will make you interested for long.

That's it for now, have a nice day :P

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