Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Top 5 Games I Enjoyed in 2012

Well, since we're nearing the end of 2012 I might as well make a list of games that I really enjoyed playing this year. It's not the Best of 2012 which would suit all people as this list will only consist of games that I've played. The games that is on the list are those that I really love because it is either really addictive or offers enough innovation to make it unique. Do note that not all of these games will have been released on 2012. There are some titles from last year but as I said, this list is what I've played this year, even if the game is a bit old.
Here are my "Top 5 Games I Enjoyed in 2012" list, in no particular order:

1. Saints Row: The Third
This game was released last year but I've just played it now because of the Humble THQ Bundle. I love this game, I love how it plays and I love the amount of humor in it. Gunplay feels good, driving is good and the story is very very entertaining. The character customization option and the amount of clothing you can choose from is just amazing. For those of you who likes games like GTA, do try Saints Row: The Third.

2. Blacklight: Retribution
Contrary to what I told myself, most games I play nowadays are not RPGs or MMORPGs but FPS. One Online FPS that I really enjoyed was Blacklight: Retribution. This game looks great and has great gunplay. Plenty of interesting features like the HRV(legalized wallhack), the Weapons Depot and the Hardsuit. The item mall is one of the best item mall for a F2P game as it offers no straight up better gear but gives you plenty of alternative gears for you to choose. 90% of the items in the item mall can be bought with in game currency and you can even rent the items first before buying them for a cheap price(1-2 matches worth of in-game currency). As balance goes, it is quite allright but lately matches tend to end up in melee weapon combat which really bug me quite a bit. overall, BLR is a great game and worth a try.

3. Torchlight 2
A Diablo Clone that can beat Diablo III will of course get into the list. This game really captures what D3 misses, which is the thrill of getting epic loots. Torchlight 2 might not offer a better story experience than D3 but it definitely offers a much better gameplay experience. Meatier and more satisfying combat and a much better loot table makes this game a must play for Action RPG lovers. And the fact that it's cheap also sweetens the deal.

4. Guild Wars 2
This game might not be the Messiah of MMORPG as some people claims it to be but darn it, it still offers plenty of innovation and definitely a step forward for the MMORPG genre. This is the first MMORPG I've seen where players actually like to work together instead of dreading the time they meet others when questing. The game actually promotes teamwork and it actually works without having to force the player to work together. The large expansive world and the beautiful scenery are things you have to see for yourself. The story is a bit lacking but the amount of things to do and discover is enough to satisfy casual and hardcore MMORPG players alike. ArenaNet even releases new events every month which offers different story and content for players to check out. Defnitely worth my $60 and I will play this game for years to come(because hey, no monthly fee :) )

5. Katawa Shoujo
Say whatever you want about the Visual novel genre, Katawa Shoujo is definitely one title that I really enjoyed this year. Some might say that KS isn't even a game but does it really matters? What's important is the story that it delivers. The heartwarming and beautiful story of a boy and his relationships within the five different routes(or six if you count the rooftop ending) is just too good to miss. This game even has the power to change a lot of people's lives and made plenty of gamers burst into tear. KS will forever be known as the Visual novel that reminded the internet that they still had feelings and that definitely deserve a spot on my top 5.

Well, that's it for my "Top 5 Games I Enjoyed in 2012". What's your "Top 5 Games I Enjoyed in 2012" ? post on the comment, I'd be very interested to see what games you guys enjoyed this year.

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