Thursday, December 20, 2012

My 3 Most Disappointing Games of 2012

Well, after listing the 5 games that I enjoyed this year, let's get in to my 3 most disappointing games of 2012 list. Being in this list doesn't necessarily mean that the game is a bad game but it just doesn't deliver what I expected from these titles. These are games that I really look forward to play but ultimately fails to deliver.
1. Borderlands 2
"But you said you liked it!", you might say and I'd say yes. I like Borderlands 2 but let's face it, this game is just the same as the first Borderlands. Any new addition to the game are minor additions and offers no innovation in terms of gameplay. Is it a decent game? of course it is, but seeing that they added nothing new really disappointed me.

2. Mass Effect 3
Now, those who've read my article on VGA Weekly(the free online magazine before it became GameQQ Max( will know what I think about Mass Effect 3. But I'm not only dissapointed with it because of EA's business practices but because of one thing, which is the ending of Mass Effect 3. I love the Mass Effect series, I love the story and the gameplay. I like the characters and the universe the game is set in and it's because of this I can't really rationalize why Bioware decided to end it in such a way. The ending is so bad it made every hour of gameplay through the whole series feels like it's a complete waste of time. I know that they added a DLC to fix the ending but it doesn't really change the fact that the ending still sucked as the DLC only clears some things up but didn't really change the part of the ending that made you feel that all your effort are wasted.

3. Diablo III
If someone asked my back in 2011 which games I really looked forward to in 2012 I'll say Diablo III and Guild Wars 2. Now, after I played them both I'm glad that at least one of them doesn't dissapoint me. Diablo III is an utter dissapointment for me. The game starts out as quite fun but after you reach Inferno difficulty the game shows it's true self, a game that focuses on Real Money Trading that forgot that it's a game in the first place. I don't mind grinding for equipments but the loot table is just ridiculously bad and unsatisfying. The story is also bad with them adding new characters only to kill off and killing off established character that everybody loves. And to make it worse, the fact that I really enjoyed Torchlight II more than Diablo III should show how much Diablo III has failed in my eyes. Shame on you Blizzard.

As I said, these aren't necessarily bad games but they have certainly left a bad taste in my mouth. Did I had fun playing these games? yes, some more than others but I expected more from these titles and frankly I wonder if I will ever play these games again.

What's your list of disappointing games of 2012? share it in the comments :)

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  1. Agree, for me it's Diablo 3, Toki to Towa (supposed to be the 1st almost fully animated JRPG, only to end up as a friggin repetitive romp through countless color swapped enemies, NPCs & landscape), Resident Evil 6 (now it's more like a Call of Duty action fest game compared to the original survival horror genre), Jagged Alliance Back in Action (difficulty level & game balance sucks), FF 13-2 (fixed most of the first game's flaws only to be wrecked with bad game decisions), & of course Syndicate for changing a beloved strategy tactical game to a me-too FPS game