Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Malifaux, MOAR!

Went almost two months without posting anything again...typical :P
Anywho, my Lady J and Som'er Teeth crews are done.
I've since bought enough minis to create another crew with Perdita Ortega as the master :D

Here's the Lady J crew:

Here's Som'er Teeth crew:

Starter testing Malifaux around the start of January and I'm loving the game. Great gameplay and very unique card mechanic which forces the player not only to think about their movement but also think on how to manage the cards on their hand.

As I said, I've since ordered more Malifaux stuff, currently waiting to paint the Executioner, Hans and Convict Gunslinger. And I've ordered Nino Ortega, Santiago Ortega and the Ronins a few days ago.

Here's my main and alternate crew list for a 30SS game:
Master: Perdita Ortega
Minions: Hans, Convict Gunslinger, Nino Ortega, Santiago Ortega
SS Cache: 3(1 Remaining, 2 from Perdita)

Master: Lady Justice
Minions: Executioner, Ronin, 3 Death Marshalls, Student of Conflict
SS Cache: 5(1 Remaining, 4 from Lady J), can be used mid-game to recruit another Ronin.
Sadly, this crew is untested so I don't really know how it'll fare.

So, final verdict for Malifaux? Great game, I give it an overall score of 9. This game is going to be big.

Will post again when I'm done painting the models(or, as usual...not)

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