Wednesday, September 25, 2013

World of Tanks Meets Girls und Panzer

The fact that World of Tanks Japan made a collaboration with one of my favorite anime Girls und Panzer is somewhat of an old news right now but I just have to share what they have done so far.

A few days ago at TGS, Wargaming announced that there will be an official Girls und Panzer Voice pack released for free. I'm assuming that this would work just like the Unofficial Mods but we get better quality voices with the character actually saying that they're supposed to say at any given situation, not just some random line from the anime. The first Voice pack to be released is Miho Nishizumi, voiced by Mai Fuchigami. There will be more Voice Packs to come and I am hoping for Katyusha.

Wargaming have also released two videos of World of Tanks Meets Girls und Panzer, which I will put here.

Also, at TGS, Wargaming gives out these clear files of the Girls und Panzer characters. If there's one time I would want to go to TGS it was this year's TGS. But having no money means no TGS, oh well.

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