Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Apparently Kotaku and Kickstarter are not very bright

6 hours ago the Tentacle Bento kickstarter project has just been cancelled because of some protest by Kotaku about it being a "Card game about tentacle rape". Jeezus...did the guy even read/watch the description of the game? It is never said that it is anything about rape. Yes maybe it is a bit implied but the artwork and everything is safe. It is said from the begining that the product is meant to be cheeky parody but not sexually explicit.

Well, apparently Kotaku or specifically the guy who wrote the article about Tentacle Bento there is just some bigot who doesn't even do their research. And just dissapointing to give in just like that without even do their own research on the product.

And because of that, I will stop promoting kickstarter. Too bad for those who hosts their projects there, however I will try to highlight some interesting product from the Indiegogo website(a site similar to kickstarter).

As for those of you who are interested in Tentacle Bento, Sodapop moves the funding to their website:

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