Thursday, July 12, 2012

Got distracted....again!

Whoah, it's been a few....months? since the last post :P. I got into a few online games as usual and had too much fun that I forgot to post anything here. So, let's just talk about the games I played now shall we? :D

1. Wakfu
Played Wakfu before when it's still in beta but never got into it, maybe because I was playing alone. This time I "recruited" some of my friends and they all agreed to play together! The game is actually quite a lot of fun! plenty of interesting features like the political system, the ecosystem and the great variety in class and build choices. To top it off, the game's monthly fee is only $6/month, a great bargain for a fun game like this :)

2. Blacklight: Retribution
This game has robbed me of a full night's sleep for a few days now. A very, very addictive FPS game. Gameplay and gunplay is what you expect from an FPS but what makes this game shines the most is the sheer number of customization options for your equipments. From muzzle, scope, stock, helm and boots to grenades, riot shield and mines, you can mix and match almost anything you want. Best of all? if you play well enough and you play regularly, you can unlock everything with in-game currency. I know Buy 2 Win games, but this one is definitely not one of them.
Oh one more thing, this game game has a legit wallhack. yes, you read that right, a LEGIT wallhack! it's called the HRV or Hyper Reality Visor and it's used to see the locations of enemies, team mates, depots and objectives. Contrary to what the noobs would say, this system does not destroy the balance of the game. How could it destroy the balance if everyone can use it? It's main use is to get your bearings after a respawn and to plan your attack route carefully. Playing smart will get you far in this game :)

Those are the 2 games I currently played the most(well, I still casually play League of Legends every few days. just bought Ziggs and I like how he plays). I tried The Secret World and C9 but both games does not really "click" with me. Still waiting for GW2 though! and the next GW2 Beta Weekend? Asura & Sylvari! I can't wait!...which reminds me....I need to upgrade my PC.

Oh, for those of you who wants to try League of Legends(highly recommend it!) here's my referral link :)

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