Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Beginner Tips and tricks for Neverwinter

Neverwinter just entered Open Beta stage and so many players jumped in to the server that the queue time is a bit ridiculous, especially for a free to play game. Now for those of you who successfully got into the game, you might need some help to make the most of it. I'll share some tips and tricks to help make your game time more efficient.

The game does quite a good job at explaining its various elements to the players so I will just give some pointers to things that I deem the most important. (note that pictures might not represent whatever point I'm talking about, they're just there to not make this a wall of text).

1. Reroll until 20
When making a character, your main attribute should be 20 and your secondary attribute should be at 13(at least 13). I know it's tempting to set it at 16/16 instead of 20/13/13 but trust me, as this game doesn't use actual DnD rule, it's better to pump up your main stats.

2. Astral Diamonds, farm it!
The most important thing here is to get as many Astral Diamonds as you can. Leveling is good and following the story is fine and all but Astral Diamonds is where the action is. You'll need Astral Diamonds for various stuff and you can even trade them for Zen(item shop currency) so it's really valuable. Any source of Astral Diamonds should be high on your priority and I will list some of them here.

3. Do your Dailies!
Doing dailies is a good way to earn Astral Diamonds, Daily PvP, Daily Dungeon, Daily Skirmish and Daily Foundry should be on your priority list before doing any other quests. How to get the daily? go to the center of Neverwinter City and talk to the NPC with the blue "!"(visible on the map).

4. Watch the current events!
The current events can be seen on the top right of the screen, near the minimap. Try to time your dungeon delving, skirmish, PvP match and foundry quests with these events. Out of all the events, the most important IMO is the Skirmish one as it gives you bonus Rough Astral Diamonds. Queue up 5-10 minutes before the event starts because queuing takes time.

5. Pray to your God!
Don't forget to Invoke each hour. The first three or so invocations will net you some Rough Astral Diamonds. To Invoke, you need to be level 11 and you need to find a resting place(those bonfires or you can also use portable altars). Invoking will also give you some random buff and sometimes potions.

6. Consumable slots are extra inventory slot!
See those three consumable slot on your hotbar? potions you put there will not take up inventory space so make sure you put all your potions and other consumables there.

7. Upgrade your Enchantments!
After you're high enough level you'll start getting runestones/enchantments. Every 4 of these can be combined into a higher rank(just double click on the stack). Do upgrade the enchantments you have each time you have 4. Higher rank gives better effect for your equipment and make sure you socket them to your equipment  Don't be stingy with enchantments, you'll get plenty of them in your journey.

8. Craft, Craft, Craft!
Leadership is very important, because on higher ranks you can start doing crafting missions that will net your Rough Astral Diamonds! It'll only take 2 hours to finish those mission so do it again and again for maximum profit!

9. How to win Contests
Some areas have special contest events(finding golden cornucopias, spy reports, etc). The player that collects the most contest item will get plenty of glyphs. Finding them while moving around a lot will need some luck, but when you find some of them try to stick around that area because the contest items respawns at the same area so by staying in one area you can farm it. Do try and find an area near two or three contest item spawning area.

10. Plan out your character!
Assigning power points and feats might be a bit confusing for first timers so do try to use online calculators to try out builds for your character. Here, use this one.

11. Don't just stand there!
This might be an obvious thing but I still need to remind people to dodge out of the enemy's attacks  Almost all of the attacks especially the big ones are clearly telegraphed and you can dodge them easily. Don't just stand around and take the beating, move around and try to position yourself in every combat.

12. How to transfer Astral Diamond between your characters.
Yes, you can do this! First you need to put up a listing to trade Astral Diamonds for Zen. If you want to transfer then set it at some ridiculous price like 50 Astral Diamond for each Zen. Now, login with your other character and withdraw your astral diamonds from the listing. Voila! you have successfully transferred your Astral Diamonds to another of your character. Do note that this might be fixed in the future.

Have some other tips and tricks that you want to share? post some in the comments!


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  2. yes, thank you for that :) I forgot about the gateway site.

  3. He's wrong about going for 20 in your main attribute. There is a reason each class has 3 attributes. For example, if you put 20 in your con as a guardian warrior, you will be gimping your str by at least 3 points, which will greatly benefit your BLOCK, which is just as important as hitpoints.

  4. any advice on best way to spend zen? lvl 28 mage (1st toon) thinking about dropping $20 USD; should I buy the starter pack or just zen i could spend on a new pet and/or professional packs?