Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cross Code Tech Demo++ Impressions

I always like anime-style Indie games and when someone happened to show me Cross-Code I am instantly interested in it. As I play the tech demo, the game showed me that it has more to offer than just anime-style art. And it's all done with HTML5.

The main mechanic of the game is the energy ball. The player have an ability to shoot energy balls to activate switches, destroy items and damage enemies. You can hold the shoot button to aim the energy ball and you can even bounce the projectiles off walls to hit harder to reach enemies. This adds a layer of puzzle solving to the game which is actually pretty interesting to try out.

As for the in-game graphics, Cross Code uses sprites which might remind you of classic games. While going "retro" is really mainstream for indie devs right now, if done right it will still add a lot to a game. And the smooth animation really makes the game interesting too see in my opinion. The music is also pretty good

As this is only a tech demo there's only a few puzzles to solve in the game and the RPG aspect haven't been explored yet but I can see that Cross Code have a very promising future when developed right. If you want to see more of Cross Code and would like to help out, do vote for them over here:

If you want to try the tech demo, go here:

Also check out the developer's site over here:

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