Monday, April 08, 2013

Warframe Review

I've done a Beta Impressions for Warframe before but since then there have been various updates to Warframe and they also change how the upgrade system works. And since now I also have a lot more hours of experience with the game I can talk about more stuff.

So, aside from a lot more Warframes and weapons to play with they have also added more level variety which is very good. While they still need to add more variety, what we have right now is definitely much better when compared to what we have in the Closed beta. We now have outdoor levels and a lot more variety.

They have also increased the difficulty by a notch. Enemies are no longer bad shots and they can overwhelm you pretty easily, especially if you don't have the Health or Shield boost mods(Vitality and Redirection). And speaking of mods, the new mod system is actually much better than the old upgrade system in my opinion.

With the new mod system, you get mods as a dropped loot as it does before but they're now more unique. Each mod is represented in "card" form like those nifty collectible cards, each with their own 2.5D picture, which is pretty cool. You can use fusion to upgrade your mods and make them more powerful, but watch out because more powerful mods means that they need more Mod Slots that you can only gain from leveling up your Warframe or equipments. And since you can't downgrade your Mods do be careful when doing mod fusions so that you don't accidentally over-upgrade a very important rare mod like Vitality or Redirection(yes, I mentioned these two again because they are the most important mods in my opinion).

To make things a bit easier, they have recently added that your Warframe gains boosts to their health, shield or power when leveling up. This is very useful and makes things considerably easier. However when combined with the Vitality and Redirection mods this makes things a bit too easy. Although in higher difficulty areas you'd really need a lot of health and shield to survive.

The grinding needed to get materials for crafting is a bit too much and some materials have ridiculous drop rates while others can be easily found everywhere even if they have the same rarity. Crafting time also takes so long. Waiting 3 days for a Warframe is a bit too excessive but I understand that they need to make money out of the free game and making people pay to make crafting faster is a good way to reel in people who are impatient.

Overall, Warframe is still as fun as it was in Closed Beta if not more. They have added so much into the game that those who have played before can go back and experience a lot of new stuff. The enemies are more challenging now and the combat is still as satisfying as ever. The amount of stuff they're adding and are planning to add to the game shows that the devs really want to give you the best experience in their game and I really think those who haven't tried Warframe should give it a shot. You play as a Space Ninja! how is that not cool enough?


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