Monday, April 08, 2013

Guest Post: DreadOut Demo Review by ExTeeYuu

Guest Post? yes, it is exactly what it says, a post made by a guest. Well, essentially I will post articles that people send to me here in my blog. The topics/games discussed in Guest post could be posted again by me but at least you guys can have a different perspective of it. This first Guest post is made by ExTeeYuu from the RedditKS Steam Group that I'm in. Enjoy his review of DreadOut Demo.

DreadOut, a third person horror experience by Indonesian company Digital Happiness currently running an Indiegogo and Steam Greenlight campaign.  This game gives you the false first impressions with its sound of ducks and small birds for the company logo screen, its much more frighting than tiny little animals.

From what I have gathered from the demo, you play as Linda, a school girl on a trip with some of her friends, the game starts with you waking up to the sound of your phone with the world's loudest vibrate setting which you pick up and set off into the night, armed with your smart phone you meet up with your friends as you try to combat the ghosts and ghouls of the night.

First look made me think it was a little like the cult hit beyond good and evil, Linda with a camera in the game logo does help reinforce this fact yet I saw no camera in the demo at all, but this is a review of the game and that is why you came here.

First the bad

The lighting can be a little temperamental at times, one moment the light from your camera would be as bright as the sun and at others it seems too weedy to see past your own nose.  This unfortunately can  make some of the textures meld together and make it difficult to see where you are going,  which in turn could end up you aimlessly walking around trying to find where you are.  But this can be solved by right clicking and going into first person mode which is constant brightness at a speed reduction.

The other thing I have found is that the placement of objects gives the impression you can get past even though it looks like a dead end and visa versa, which also makes you wander around aimlessly for a few moment, if you have not noticed I am pretty much nit picking here just to find anything bad, which now we come too the good.

First, for an indie game, the graphics and voice acting was pretty well done although some of it being a little over the top at times, the story kept me gripped and I got some genuine frights I was not expecting, with some parts of the demo bringing on so much tension I was barely on the edge of my seat. Even as I replay this at 11AM, its still brings on feelings of suspense I have not received from a lot of the AAA horror that has saturated the market as of late

The cherry on top of this cupcake has to be using the phone as a way of solving puzzles, I personally thought this was a genius way to make use of what our protagonist had at her disposal.

Overall I really recommend this game, donate to the Indiegogo campaign, give it a thumbs up and try the demo.  It was an overall enjoyable experience which I will be replaying straight after this review is uploaded

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