Sunday, April 14, 2013

Guest Post: Death Inc. Alpha Impressions by ExTeeYuu

It's another Guest Post,  and yes this Guest post was also made by ExTeeYuu. This time, he shares his thoughts on a game that he has backed which is still in alpha, Death Inc.

The year, 1660.  You play as Grim. T. Livingston infecting Britain with the bubonic plague, the single most deadly virus that killed than 20% of its population, only 353 years later Ambient studios made a Kickstarter for a business simulator, god game and real time strategy hybrid about Grim. T. Livingston's adventures with his competitor to the Ministry of Mortality with their business of transferring souls to their rightful place. 

Unfortunately they never even got close to their Kickstarter goal of $300,000 even though they had help from legend Peter Molyneux (Lionhead 22 cans and Bullfrog (on a side note, GIVE ME THEMEPARK HD!!!!), Alex Evans (Media Molecule) and Sean Murray (Hello Games?.....They made a game called Joe Danger, thanks Wikipedia)

So why am I here telling you about a failed Kickstarter, well they decided to go another route and go paid alpha following suit of some successes such as the ever popular Minecraft and Prison Architect   With all kinds of rewards for how much you donate to the project.  Starting from $10 for the Game and realistically ending at $500 for owning your own ingame pub (which you get a major part in designing), I would recommend getting it just to avoid the $14.99 you would have to pay in November when the game actually comes out.

“But Tee” you say, “why would I buy a game I know barely anything about, except it having some people talk about it, its a failed Kickstarter and you play as a Grim reaper making his own Death business to collect souls.”

That is true, but all I really have to base my review off is an alpha, with one mission with the choice of light and day.  But I can tell you my initial reactions of the RTS/Godgame elements against the clock.  You start of with a few infected you control and gradually make up enough of a mob of archers, swordsmen, brutes and civilians to kill the noble, who is more like an end level boss.  You can interact with your environment with the siege equipment and cannons, and also you get exploding cattle.  Unfortunately there is some problems with alpha such as pathfinding and little things, but what do you expect from a game that is not coming out till fall 2013.  Also there is no window select as the game has slightly been optimized for touch screen use.  But hopefully they will implement a window select and group splitting for the RTS elements.

There is certain power-ups you can do during the time on the mission with the only two being available; Flock of birds, which makes a good few birds bombard the ground infecting the nearing civilians,  and swarm of rats which disables attacks and disables nearing victims.

It was a lot of fun and I can see myself playing it in the future, To say I already got the alpha its pretty obvious that I will be playing it in the future, but I think it may even  become my most played game the end of this year and possibly next.

In the end it is a gamble that you decide whether you want to try it or not, but I can only say I really enjoyed it and hope to see you on the leader-boards in the future. 

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