Sunday, October 27, 2013

Guest Post: How To Survive First Impression By ExTee

How to Survive is a game that has interested me for a while but since I'm not so sure if I want to buy it I asked my friend to do a First Impression of the game. And here it is, a First Impression of How to Survive by ExTee.

Looks like Krieg managed to stop me from crying about Death inc' incredible failure and defeat despite getting an endorsement by some large names from the UK games industry, lets hope EKO Software can at least soothe the pain. 

EKO Software, creators of such games like Bratz Kids: Slumber Party and Imagine: Champion Rider have decided to float away from what they have done as standard and brought out How to Survive, a class based survival ARPG based around a fictional island that is infested with zombies and overlooked by your friend and ours Kovac. 

From the few hours I have played H2S, I can honestly say, its not that bad.  From what I expected with the 30% decrease on steam was something I could play for a few minutes then play Path of Exile brushing it off as a bad purchase. The game got some pretty tight keyboard controls, humor in the right places (partially with the bad weapon animation and wonderful ragdolls) and focusing on the lesser thought about aspects of survival like eating and not panicking which has been left out a lot of survival games not just zombie games, its quite refreshing to see.

Even though I can praise it for what it is, I can also pick up that the game was designed primary to be played with a controller. Even though the keyboard and mouse controls were smooth, all of the cutscenes for the tutorial were telling me to press A to use, I felt a little left out.  Personally I believe this could be fixed with a tool tip at the bottom after the cut scene is finished.

As I talked earlier about their attention to detail on zombie hunting, they kind of overlooked a small point which I want to bring up, crouching.  Personally when I think of a survival game, I really enjoy crouching, for increased accuracy or better view on the situation,  Even a cosmetic crouch would be nice. It helps make immersion with the player believing there could be danger around every corner, as soon as I looked in the controls settings I kind of felt like a little part of my experience was ruined, but not all of it.

The Crafting system in the game is easy and intuitive, essentially clicking and combining to your heart's content, which I really enjoyed making a nuts and bolts shotgun out of a harpoon trigger, a pipe, a tank of CO2, duck tape, and with a pretty good accuracy too.

The Story mode although hilarious can get quite difficult at times with random hoards of zombies and various special zombies that have been associated with survival games as of late. Coop story mode is also planned on How to Survive coming in the next month or so. Once you are done with the story or just want a break, you can try the challenge mode with friends. A set of objectives that will infuriate you to the point of wanting to punch a zombie in the face.

All in all the game is a lot of fun and pretty cheap, it has replayability with finding blueprints to eventually make a zombie weapon the gods will fear. I would expect an endless mode or a new game plus but cannot confirm this as I am still finishing the story.

So I better get back to playing.

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