Thursday, November 21, 2013

Warframe Update 11

Update 11 has arrived and with it, lots of changes to gameplay. As usual, we get new weapons, a new warframe and of course new mods. This update also reworks some boss encounters and adds a new tile set and various new features. If you haven't played Warframe before, you should be playing right now because this game just got even more awesome than before! oh, use this LINK to register :)
Let's talk a bit about the new weapons and warframe, just to get it out of the way. There's Tigris, a double barreled shotgun of Tenno design. Cestra, a mini version of the Supra which spews lots of energy shots in rapid successions and the Lecta, a taser/whip which is just badass.

The new warframe? an angry frame fresh from Corpus experimentation labs, Valkyr. She has some pretty aggressive abilities which are pretty interesting although I don't know if they will be effective in actual combat(I will craft her when Alad V is available).

Other additional weapons and frame added in Update 11? Sicarus Prime, Glaive Prime and Ember Prime. Every one of them looks badass and if you want to get them in one package, Digital Extreme sells Prime Access packs which will unlock all of them plus some other bonuses.

New features? The collector drone and codex. Collector drone can be sent to a planet to gather resources for 4 hours. Players can collect resources from the drone before or after the time limit but do collect from it before too long since the drone can be damaged and if it's destroyed you have to craft a new one which will take 6 hours. As for the codex, you can buy a Codex Scanner gear in the market to scan enemies. The more enemies of that type you scanned the more info you will get. Information like damage, armor, health and most importantly, drop tables can be gained by completing the codex. Now go and start scanning!

Sargas Ruk boss fight have been reworked with Sargas Ruk getting a new character model(which looks really great) and after the current event "Hunt for Alad V" is done we will get access to Alad V(and maybe Zanuka), which is a new boss for Jupiter. J3 golem will become a nomadic boss that can be randomly encountered in the Jupiter area.

Some of the Dojo rooms have been reworked and looks great. They still have the same functionality but it's just good too see improvements on how the Dojo looks. For those who asked for trading, the Trading Post is now available in the Dojo. It's only available to Clan members and of course only available for members of the same clan but it's there and you can use it to trade with your friends.

Now for the main course of Update 11, Damage 2.0. Some player might hate this change but most player, like myself is loving this new change to how damage works in Warframe. This new system adds a lot of flexibility in mod setup and lets the player experiment on how to combine mods in the most effective ways possible. An explanation of this new damage system can be read HERE. It's pretty easy to understand and opens up a lot of possibilities. Also, the new mods are there to support Damage 2.0 which adds Impact, Slashing and Toxin damage mods plus mods that increases status effect proc chance.

I guess that's it for now. If you want to ask anything about the new changes or just discuss Update 11 with me then just write a comment below.

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