Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Further thoughts on Borderlands 2

On my first impressions of Borderlands 2 a few days ago I find myself liking the game very much. It is fun and has an interesting gameplay but I find myself not going back for more as often as when I'm playing other games that I love(let's say Guild Wars 2).

Don't get me wrong, I like Borderlands 2 but I felt that something is missing. Until i realized that it is essentially the same game as the first Borderlands. This is what makes the whole experience a bit...boring to me. Not boring because it's bad but boring because I felt like I've played this game before. Some might argue that that is also true for most games nowadays especially of the same genre. But for a sequel, Borderlands doesn't seem to add too much to the first game.

Sure it does have better graphics, more weapons and enemy types and a new story. But still, it all feels more like an expansion rather than a brand new game. And this is what makes me a bit dissapointed.

However that doesn't mean that I won't be playing the game again. on the contrary, i will be playing Borderlands at least until I finish the story and I will be playing it co-op with my friends. But for me, the game just feels that it lacks something really new.

And the co-op, aside from the fun that you're having with your friends, what is really the point? The game doesn't actually reward you for playing co-op. In fact playing in co-op just makes it harder and not as fun if you think about it.
Tougher enemies? even in solo the enemies are already tough.
No instanced loot? seriously, even Diablo III have instanced loot.
No skill combo? and no, 1 skill(Phaselock) doesn't count as having a valid skill combo in the game.
No weapon limitation? everyone can use every weapon, yay...so...everyone will have the same role then?

I feel that Gearbox should at least address these issues first to make co-op a more rewarding experience.

With that said, would I recommend Borderlands 2 to anyone? of course I will. It is a fun game and if given proper attention will be even better in the future. And like I said before, If you love the first Borderlands, you'll love the second one. Even if it doesn't really innovate it does improve the old formula.

Today's OST: Wiosna from Katawa Shoujo

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