Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Something to look forward to

When browsing through the net I found out about some games that are currently under development that looks quite interesting. These are some that really took my interest.

1. Don't Starve

This is a game you can play from Google Chrome app store and will also be released on Steam when it's done. The game focuses on survival and the player must gather resources to survive the night. The artstyle loks good and the game also has interesting gameplay. Preordering now will cost $7 for two copies of the game while the full release will cost $15 each.

2. Cube World

You like Minecraft? would you like it if there were more gameplay than just mining and building stuff? Cube World is offering just that. This voxel based RPG offers a huge world to explore with the same interactivity as minecraft(well, almost). Terrains are destructible and a lot of actions can change the face of the world. Of course there will also be plenty of monsters to kill and loot to gather.

3. Cherry Tree High Comedy Club

This game is actually already released, but I was hoping it would be featured in Steam like they promised. However it is now available on Desura so I think I might buy it. The game has quite a unique story and gameplay where the player must manage their time to train and get people to join the Comedy Club. The artstyle is also quite nice if you like anime.

That's it for today I suppose. I'll try to look for other interesting games to talk about. Oh and these games here? I will definitely do a more thorough preview/review at GameQQ Max http://max.gameqq.net/

Today's song, School Days from Katawa Shoujo:

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