Thursday, August 01, 2013

Kickstarter Watch #16: Chroma Squad - Indie Sentai Studio

Everyone who had a childhood should know about Sentai Squads, you know Power Rangers and the like. Nowadays, it's a bit rare to find a game about these kind of things so Behold Studios' take on a Sentai Squad game captures my interest immediately. And of course, just like with their last game Knights of Pen and Paper, they've added a unique twist to the story.

In Chroma Squad, you don't just play as the Sentai Squad and fight monster, you play as a studio that films the whole show. You decide where the story goes, you manage the show equipment and cast and take care of the marketing of the show. It's the same interesting meta twist that you can see in Knights of Pen and Paper.

What interests me:
- Relive your childhood
- Lots of 90s Tokusatsu TV Show references
- Unique meta twist
- Branching story with multiple endings
- Tactical turn-based battles
- Multiplayer! fight your friends for viewership.

The campaign still has 20 more days and they still need more backers to succeed, although I have no doubt thatthey will get enough money before the time ends. If you like Rider tokusatsu shows, try to help them get to the $80k stretch goals, featuring Solo Rider Extra Episodes.

Visit their Kickstarter page and throw some money at them! Chroma Squad is also on Steam Greenlight so do vote yes for them over there and help this interesting game get into steam.

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