Tuesday, August 06, 2013

New Series - Is It Pay to Win?

Several discussions in the past few days have made me feel that I need to do more to promote the idea that F2P games aren't always P2W. As sad as it is that a lot of people still believes that F2P = P2W, I do understand that there are a lot of games out there that are F2P games that's P2W. However it is unfair to say that every F2P game is P2W.

Because of this, I will start a new article series on this blog(something like the Kickstarter Watch and Greenlight It!) called "Is It Pay to Win?". Each week, I will try out different F2P games and will then look at the business model of that particular game. Of course the gameplay of the game itself will also affect my judgment of whether a particular game is P2W or not. The judgment will be based on various aspects of the business model and i will talk about all of them in the article.

As for the first game I will start with a game that I've played a lot recently, Warframe. We'll take a look at Warframe's business model and decide whether the game's Pay to Win. If you want me to take a look at a particular game, just post a comment or send me an e-mail. I will gladly take a look at any F2P game and answer the question: "Is It Pay to Win?"

Do note that these are not review articles. I will only look at the game's business model and will only talk about the gameplay if it is relevant. A game with good gameplay can be P2W and vice versa so use these series of article only to get an idea of whether the game's P2W or not, not whether the game's any good or not.

"Is It pay to Win?" will be posted every Thursday, 12 PM GMT+7(that's my timezone). I will also try to post the other series(Kickstarter Watch and Greenlight It!) on a fixed schedule each week.

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