Saturday, March 01, 2014

Kickstarter Watch #20 - Celestian Tales: Old North - Relaunched

Wait, haven't you talked about this one before? Yes, yes I did and while their last Kickstarter campaign failed to reach their goal the guys at Ekuator Games has relaunched Celestian Tales: Old North Kickstarter Campaign and they have made significant changes to their game.

One thing that's really apparent is that they've switched from an anime art style to a different style which I personally think fits better to the overall feel of the game. They also change the pixel art environment and character models into a more beautiful and complex hand-drawn assets. The combat system uses the usual JRPG turn-based combat but story-wise it offers a lot of choices which will affect the story, something that is rarely found in JRPG and more commonly found in western CRPG.

What Interests me:
- Even more beautiful artwork(plus background).
- Lore-rich world to explore and experience.
- Epic story with six playable character across three decades.
- Classic JRPG gameplay.

The improvements do come at a price though as the minimum pledge needed to get the digital version of the game is now $10 instead of $5. But from what I've seen and what they are offering with the game, I believe $10 is worth it.

Back them up at Kickstarter.


  1. so is this that game were you chose to marry one of your party members and stuff... i have no idea what im talking about :\