Thursday, October 04, 2012

Loadout Beta

When I first heard of Loadout I was of course interested, because the game offers a lot of weapon customization. As I like the customization that are present in Blacklight Retribution(another game that I like) I was looking forward to Loadout. And now, I got into beta :)

As far as game modes and maps goes, I suppose Loadout could offer more than what exists now. But of course, the game is still in beta so it doesn't really matter now. Besides, the maps that are currently available are quite nice and offers some variety. Although, some game mode might require a bit balancing. Such as the Jackhammer which is essentially capture the flag but you can use the "flag"(which is a giant hammer) to bash your enemies. It's nice, but that hammer is a wee bit too strong IMO.

The strength of this game of course, lies in the weapon customization. Well, actually it's more weapon crafting rather than weapons customization because the players can actually make their own weapons. Which one would you prefer? rifles, beam weapon, rocket launcher, pulse weapon? what kind of stock would you use? which scope? and so much more. Your options here aren't some minor weapon adjustment like in Blacklight Retribution but you actually choose what kind of weapon that you want whether it's a sticky mine launcher to firebeam sniper rifles, you design it yourself and use it to destroy other players.

I can't stress this enough but the weapon crafting system really is great and I've wasted probably too much time trying to create a good weapon combination and test it out. Is it worth it? definitely! It's very satisfying seeing a weapon combination that you choose yourself blast your enemies in a match.

So, you might be asking "weapons crafting/customization is great and all, but does it play great?" and my answer would be yes, yes it does. The game has a great fast paced gameplay and good gunplay. For those of you who likes shooter games and would love to create your own weapons, this would be the game for you. And hey, it's free to play(when it comes out)!

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