Monday, October 01, 2012

Otaku Motivator - Burn Your Fat With Me

Well, gamers aren't exactly the healthiest breed of humans and let's face it most of us really-really needs exercise. Most of us wants to change but we just need the right motivation. And really, motivation is really hard to find. But now, there's an app that will help with getting gamers that motivation to exercise.

Okay now, most gamers will just say "WTF is this weaboo shit?" but for those of you who likes Visual Novel or Anime in general and you feel that you need more exercise, this app is for you. You get a good Visual Novel which will help you get in shape, win-win right? For those who still thinks this is strange just think about it this way, anything that help promotes healthier lifestyle and give people the motivation they need to start living healthier is always good. it doesn't matter what motivates them, as long as it is not destructive.

As far as VN goes, I'd say this is quite sufficient. It has nice character design and the english dubbing is good. Stories are divided into several chapters and doing workouts will unlock additional chapters which will advance the story. I nice idea, one that will certainly motivate the players. Although it is possible to just cheat and tap your phone screen and not really do sit ups it is really advisable to actually do it. Because hey, it is the whole point and not actually exercising would definitely ruin the immersion.

The creators of this game also plans on expanding the game further. There are already two DLC for the game(one of which adds push-up exercise) and additional characters are also planned for the future, which will add more exercise like running.

Regardless of whether you find this weird or whatever, Burn Your Fat With Me is something I can really recommend to people, especially if you like anime stuff. And hey, if Katawa Shoujo can help people to be motivated to change their lives I believe this game can help motivate people to at least live healthier. The fact that the price is actually quite cheap is also a plus. What are you waiting for? start exercising! :)

You can check out their website here:

Oh, these are the girls that'll be available in the game(Mayu Uehara, Yuki hashio & Marika Kugawa). However, currently only Mayu is available in-game. The others will be added later.


  1. Saw the Japanese version, finally getting a well-deserved translation. Hardly surprised though, it is a very good concept for otakus, gamers & geeks to get in shape.

    Though one thing bothers me..... Creative Freaks, Y U NO give us loli / shota & Yaoi charactersss & contents!!? :( :3

  2. Ahahaha, well they're going for the general otaku market first. Although i doubt they'll make a loli/shota/yaoi/yuri version of it.