Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Mechromancer Skill Tree

I've been waiting for the Mechromancer class since I saw it as a pre-purchase reward bonus for Borderlands 2 and now Gearbox has released the skill calculator for the Mechromancer. This is definitely a very interesting class, because the available skills really force the player to put points into two trees instead of mostly on one tree like in the other classes. The Anarchy mechanics is also very interesting as it opens up chance of dealing enormous amount of damage up close.

Check them out:

I tried to tinker around with the skill tree and made 2 build that I find interesting:
Beginner Build and Anarchy Build
Yes, I try to focus the skills on one tree just because I like doing that. We'll see how it goes when this class is out :) Beginner Build will have high survivability while Anarchy Build will focus of having high anarchy stacks. Use Tediore weapons for the Anarchy build because you'll be reloading a lot either because of empty clips or trying to regen your health with Discord.

Gaige's ECHO logs:

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