Friday, February 22, 2013

Dead Island GOTY Edition Giveaway on Raptr

Like zombie games? use Raptr? well, they're going to do a giveaway for Dead Island Game of the Year Edition in a few days.
The requirement to enter the giveaway is pretty easy:
- Get Dedicated rank or above in one of the selected titles (BF3, Black Ops II, Borderlands 2, Day Z, Dead Rising 2, L4D, L4D2, Walking Dead Ep1).
- Connect your Steam account to your Raptr
- Recently run the Raptr Desktop App
- Verified your e-mail address

That's it, pretty easy right?
Check if you're eligible to enter the giveaway over here:

I'm not sure how they're going to do this giveaway. but I hope it's not first come first serve with a limited number of copies because they should realize people live in different time zones and there will be a lot of people who can't click on the claim reward button while they're asleep or at work.

Regardless, don't forget to check the giveaway out on February 28th and good luck!

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