Saturday, February 23, 2013

Greenlight It! #2: Delver's Drop

Quite some time since the last Greenlight It! huh? no matter! because you're going to like this one! It's a 2D Action RPG with physics-based movements and it looks gorgeous. Just one look at the game's video and screenshot already made me fall in love with the game, at least based on its looks.
The game offers some interesting features too like randomly-generated dungeons, physics-based movement and combat, various items and weapons to use and puzzles which requires you to make use of the various dungeon elements, secondary items and the physics engine.

There are five characters to choose from, each with differing playstyles. What's really interesting is that they let the game's backers to decide which 5 classes it is going to be. By backing up the game on kickstarter(yes, it's also on kickstarter for around 18 more days) for $25 or more you can vote on the character classes. This isn't mandatory of course and if you don't really care about the classes you can just buy the game later or back them up for $15 and still get the game.

The game have a semi-permadeath system where you keep your character's level but lose all items and equipments. the dungeon level will also re-randomized when you die. Watch out though! because there will be an undead version of yourself waiting for you on the level where your character died. You could also kill your character willingly by using various ways to get your equipment when you die but this method will spawn an even more powerful skeleton to fight with later on. Your choice.

Delver's Drop offers a really beautiful visual and has some interesting gameplay concepts. So do check out their Greenlight page over HERE and vote for this game. You might also want to check out their Kickstarter page over HERE.

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